Essentials For A Well-Stocked Baby Nursery

No time for a baby shower? Didn’t get everything on your registry? Not to worry. As you enter the nesting stage of your pregnancy -- armed with this helpful checklist -- you’ll have the nursery ready in time to greet your bundle of joy.
By Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick

1. Diapers. You can’t have too many diapers as newborns go through dozens daily. For easy, convenient access, place a stocked diaper hanger near baby’s changing table.
2. Wipes. Baby wipes are versatile. Use them for baby’s bottom, to clean your hands, wipe away spittle, and keep the nursery spic-and-span (and sanitary).
3. Wipes warmer. Like an electric blanket for your wipes container, the warmer promises that your little one will never be surprised by a cold, uncomfortable wipe.
4. Toiletries. Baby oil, lotion and powder create that identifiable “baby” scent while protecting and moisturizing skin. Keep diaper rash cream, nursery jelly and cotton swabs handy too.
5. Diaper Genie. Keep the nursery fresh with the innovative Diaper Genie which seals individual used diapers in a scented film reducing mess, odors and germs.
6. Diaper Bag. Make your style choice – personalized totes, hands-free backpacks, masculine dad bags and more – and keep a well-stocked diaper bag ready to grab-and-go.
7. Onesies. These tiny T-shirts come in every color and pattern imaginable and snap at the crotch for easy diaper changing while keeping baby’s back and belly warm.
8. Receiving blankets. Use these small square blankets for swaddling, as a clean surface to lay baby on, and for draping over shoulders to avoid drool and spit-up.
9. Hooded towels and washcloths. Stock up on super-soft baby washcloths for cleaning baby’s tiny parts. Wrap her bare body in a hooded towel for extra coziness and to avoid a chill.
10. Sheets. Whether you opt for a crib, bassinet, cradle or basket, prepare it with a fresh, clean sheet for baby. Have several washed – you’ll change sheets frequently.
11. Hamper and gentle laundry detergent. Acquire a cute basket or hamper for the dirty duds that will pile up quickly. With a gentle, fragrance- and allergen-free detergent, you can do one daily load of baby-clothes-only laundry.
12. Furniture. In addition to the crib, have a changing table and dresser to keep supplies handy and house itty-bitty clothes, blankets, sheets and other must-haves.
13. Baby monitor. You can’t spend every waking moment with baby so, while she sleeps, rely on a baby monitor for peace of mind and enjoy a change of scenery.
14. Decorations. A designer nursery isn’t necessary, but place items of interest around the room – before long she’ll spot that colorful wall hanging or Cinderella drapes.
15. Rocking chair. You’ll appreciate a comfortable chair for middle-of-the-night feedings. And when baby’s awake, rock away while you read, sing or relax and bond.
16. What to Expect the First Year. This new parents’ handbook is a week-by-week and month-to-month resource for all your questions. If possible, read the first few chapters before baby arrives.
17. Baby bath tub. Models are available to set in your bathtub or kitchen sink and keep baby at an upright angle so you can use both hands to rub-a-dub-dub.
18. Slings. Mothers have long used slings to transport and discreetly breastfeed their babies. Slings also offer the freedom to be mobile while keeping baby close.
19. Stroller, tram or baby carriage. Unless the weather is extremely hot or bitterly cold, it’s healthy to take baby for daily outings. Talk to her about the sights and sounds and enjoy the opportunity to drop some baby weight.
20. Car seat. Make sure baby is securely fastened in an age-appropriate baby car seat. If you have questions or concerns about how the seat works, visit your local State Police barracks for hands-on assistance.

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