How To Get Designer Baby Gear At An Affordable Price

Want your baby to look chic but need to stay within the confines of your new-parent budget? Here’s how to get your hands on some designer baby clothes at a price you can afford.
by Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick

cell phone during pregnancyDiscount stores

Ross, Gabriel's, Value City and TJ Maxx are the kinds of stores that offer deep discounts on high-end clothes. Designer labels are there – you just might have to do some digging through the jam-packed racks, busy aisles and stuffed sales bins. Shopping like this can really make you feel like a retail genius when you come across high fashion finds for the little ones for pennies on the dollar.

Upscale consignment stores

Think about it – your little one is growing by the second. And the kids of other people grow just as quickly. That means there are plenty of clothes out there that haven't been worn more than a handful of times, if at all. Upscale consignment stores carry gently used or new-without-tags designer duds for kids. Also consider visiting the local Goodwill every now and then – it's amazing what quality castaways you may stumble upon.


For more brand new and gently worn clothes, eBay is the weapon of choice. You can often find clothing lots at eBay for one incredibly reasonable price. If you have the time, get into a bidding war for entire ensembles or, better yet, seek out the collections being offered at a "buy it now" price. Sellers offering designer kids' clothes in bulk have usually gotten deals on their end enabling them to sell to you far below retail price. This is the place to get high-end threads at a serious steal.

End-of-season clearance sales

Shop the big department stores such as Macy's and the like for end-of-season clearance sales and you can pick up chic kid gear in next year's size for next to nothing. Don't fear the sales rack, especially when it comes to children's clothing – you just have to be patient. Keep an eye on the outfits you want throughout the season and hit the stores whenever the weather changes.

Yard sales

Hit the high-class neighborhood yard sales (yes, they do actually have them!) and you'll find folks who are practically giving away expensive, designer clothes to make room in their budding babes' walk-in closets for their next batch of high-priced items. Extra perk – chances are, these little gals and gents have so many clothes that much of what's for sale has been worn sparingly if at all.


If you truly want to keep up with the Joneses, make friends with them! Parents who are raising fashionista babies are often happy to share the wealth. Don't be shy about accepting hand-me-downs. Kids grow quickly and with all the spills and grass stains and accidents, you need plenty of little shirts and pants to keep your sweetheart covered.

Bottom line? If you feel like you need to truly match your peers by throwing around large amounts of money to make your kids stand out, by all means go ahead and do it. But know that there are great designer clothes to be had out there that are far from designer prices. And think of it this way – when your kid grows up, they're going to remember how you played with them, not what they were wearing.  

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