Pregnancy has its perks, such as an enhanced cleavage and eating a pint of cookie dough ice cream without guilt, followed closely by the best perk of all – your baby! As many moms will tell you, pregnancy is not all unabandoned eating and cleavage, however. It takes stamina to withstand fatigue, the constant urge to pee and the inability to walk without waddling. Did I mention labor and delivery? Lucky for us, we are able to add one more item to the pregnancy perk list: "push presents."
Kim Grundy

A push present is a gift bestowed upon you by the dad-to-be as a token of appreciation for the last nine months of pregnancy and for the incredible feat of "pushing" out your bundle of joy. (Don't worry, you are not exempt from this gift if you are having a Caesarean section!) Former 90210 actress Tori Spelling, new mom to baby Liam, sums it up nicely: "A push present is supposed to be something you wear forever, as a token of your child." In case you were wondering, hubby Dean McDermott gave Tori a $1500 Balenciaga Giant Arena Bag as her push present.

Although your baby is undoubtedly the light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel, here is even more incentive to get you through pregnancy and labor: Push presents to push (harder!) for...

The mother of all necklaces
Jewelry is the number one push-present-of-choice for many new moms. The simple elegance of the Tali Gillette Mama Necklace pendant is sure to please even the most discerning mama. Worn by many celebrity moms, including Naomi Watts and Gwyneth Paltrow, the word "mama" forms a circle of 18K white gold, 14k yellow or rose gold with diamonds. Prices start at $425 for the small Mama necklace with 18K white gold and go up as high as $2395 for the large Mama necklace with pave diamonds.



This present is a "charm"
Personalizing a piece of jewelry, either through displaying the baby's birthstone or engraving the name and birthdate, makes the perfect keepsake for a new mom. The Sterling Silver with Raised Gold Frame Charm Bracelet ($505 at features a silver chain and a sterling silver charm surrounded by a raised gold frame. Your baby's name is hand pressed on the front and the birthdate is personalized on the back of the charm. If you prefer a necklace, the Mom's Name Charm Necklace in silver ($150 from features delicate charms personalized with your baby (or babies!) name and birthdate.



Designer diapering
If jewelry isn't your bag, then maybe a stylish diaper tote is. You may dig designer bags, but if the $1,500 Balenciaga bag price tag seems a bit steep, check out the Whipstitch Diaper Bag ($285) from Babystyle. Carried by supermodel mom Heidi Klum, this bag is full of rockin' details like hip metal studs and buckles, as well every practical feature you would want in a diaper bag. Made of soft black whipstitch leather, the inside is lined with a turquoise wipe-clean material. It has pockets galore to help keep you organized, and even includes a removable, padded changing pad in a zip-out compartment.




Postpartum peace
A day at the spa always makes the perfect choice for an over-tired new mom. A few enlightened spas, such as Skin Spa in Encino, California, are even catering to women who have just had babies. Skin Spa offers a 3-hour Postpartum Rejuvenation package, as well as providing individual mommy boosters, including a Seatonic Tummy Treatment. Don't worry if your local spas aren't offering these specialized packages, a basic massage or a manicure and pedicure will be just as pleasing.


Diamonds are forever, just like a mommy's love
As any mom will tell you, a curious baby cannot resist pulling on large or dangling earrings, which is why diamond stud earrings are the perfect push present. The Tiffany Solitaire Diamond earrings ($950) are simple, yet classic, and will be worn forever.

Sound off: What's on your push present list? Or, if you're a new mom: What was your push present?

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