On Sunday, the 9th, I started having contractions at about 7pm. Nothing strong enough to cause pain, just irritating, much like all the contractions I had been having the last week or so. I did notice that they were regular at 2-3 minutes apart. I did not BELIEVE that it was it, so I didn't push to go to the hospital. I did speak with my friend/dad's girlfriend who was watching Sky and Jay about 1030pm and she was on her way to bed, with her alarm set for work for 330. In my mind I believe this gave me a time frame.

I tried to page my midwife, but I didn't hear back from her and I really wasn't ready to go in yet. About midnight I decided to try to get some rest. I was pretty sure that when I went to sleep the contractions would go away. I was awoken at 130am needing to go to the bathroom (not pee!), and dozed again for a while till I had to go again. The contractions were still regular, and painful enough that I could only doze, not really sleep, but not painful enough to do anything about it.

About 430 the contractions were becoming quiet a bit more painful, definitely more period like cramping. I timed them they were about 1 minute apart. I knew my friend was up and send her a text message letting her know that I was still having contractions, and was still unsure WHAT to do. I told her I didn't want to go in and have it be false. (Call it denial! LOL) My father was leaving her house at that point to go back to his house. She told me that he would come by to pick up the kids and if it ended up being false, I could always go pick them up. I said ok and I called and woke up James letting him know that I thought we needed to go in.

While I was packing up some toys for the kids I felt "wet". At first I thought my water had broken. I went to check and discovered that it wasn't water, it was blood. At that point I KNEW this was it. I called James and told him this is IT, and I paged the midwife AGAIN who still didn't call back. The contractions started getting painful enough that I had to stop what I was doing and make a concerted effort to get through them. My dad got here and I am not sure he knew WHAT to do. LOL

James finally got here between 530 and 6am. The hospital is 30-45 minutes away, depending on how fast you drive and he asked me if I wanted to go to that one or a closer one. I told him I wanted to go to that one so I could have my midwife. During the drive the contractions got painful enough to where I went from just putting my hand on his arms and breathing, to sqeezing his arm, pulling myself up with the hand bar thing above the window and moaning. I was forgetting how to breathe.

By the time we got to the hospital and up to maternity observation it was almost 7am. This is when it started to go very fast. We got a wheel chair so that I didn't have to walk. After asking me what I was there for, the lady took me back, told me to pee in a cup, change and wait. She wanted to check me to see if I was in early labor or active labor. I had a couple more contractions while waiting for her to check me.

Nurse - When did you last see Kathleen?
Me - Friday
Nurse - And what were you?
Me - 3, why what am I now?
Nurse - I don't know, I can't find your cervix, but you have a bulging bag!

OMG the pandimonium. They rushed me around the corner to the LDR suite. She told the nurses that she THOUGHT I was about 8 1/2 to 9 cm. I was shocked. This was definitely NOT what I was expecting. I did not preregister at the hospital so another nurse had to come in to register me, while my nurses were rushing around preparing for delivery. At one point during a contraction I felt like I had to go poo again...

Me - I need to get up, I need to go to the bathroom
Nurse - Well go on the bed
Me - I am NOT pooping on the bed! I need to get up.
Nurse - You don't need to poop, that is the baby and I am not fishing a baby out of the toilet this early in the morning.

I just looked at her and thought, "Oh Sh*t" and clamped my legs together. The next time I got a contraction I told her she was right because I had to poop again. LOL I consiously told myself through contractions after that point, "Don't open your legs!"

It was way too late for an epidural, but they put an IV in just in case I had to have a c-section and I asked for stadol. The midwife finally got there after being called by the hospital, I guess her pager didn't work that night. She ran in, in scrubs, no make up, etc. She checked me and another contraction came. As they put the stadol in the midwife said,

Midwife - It is ok, breathe, it is the last one
Me - Why?
Midwife - Because you are having a baby!

Well Sky I pushed for an hour and a half and Jay for 2 hours, so I didn't believe her.

The stadol took away the "pain" of the contraction, but I could still feel everything else. The midwife broke my water and said to push. I could feel the Joshua's head coming down. I felt him crowning and thought, "One more push and his head will be out," and I felt it come out. I kept pushing because it hurt and felt the sholders coming. She asked me if I wanted to wait and relax a sec and I told her no so she told me to keep pushing. I pushed until I felt the sholders come out. In total I pushed 6 times and he was born at 7:38am.

They let me have him immediately and try to nurse him, but he wasn't interested right away. My placenta was being stubborn so they took him to the other side of the room to do their things. Once the placenta came out it was HUGE. About the same size as Joshua. Then I started hemmoraging. They sat there for probably 30-40 minutes trying to push on my uterus and stop the bleeding. I could feel the huge clots coming out. Finally they got it under control though. I had a 1st degree tear, but not severe.

Born a week and a half and 2 weeks before Sky and Jay he was smaller than them, just a little over 8 pounds and 19 1/2 inches long. He is perfect and beautiful and I have fallen head over heels in love with him, as has his daddy. Because I was GBS+ and didn't get there in time for the 2 doses of antibiotics, they just gave them to Joshua when he was born. We had to stay in the hospital though for 48 hours. We really used that time to bond as a family which was awesome. He is so calm and just a relaxed, happy baby.

Joshua Irwin
July 10, 2006, 7:38am
8lb 4.5oz
19 1/2 inches

Tags: nonmedicated

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