Shopping for maternity clothing can be daunting, because you need to to choose an entirely new wardrobe to fit your rapidly-changing body -- while at the same time, letting you stay just as stylish as ever. How can you get clothes that will really fit right, both now and in a few months' time? We went right to the experts for advice on how shorter women can find petite maternity wear.
Teresa Gallagher and Maria Mueller

The question: I'm a size 12, but am only five feet tall. Are there maternity clothes out there for me? It seems that many of the "petite" sizes are only for sizes 2 to 4.

The experts answer: Fortunately, many maternity companies have expanded their lines to address the demands for petite sizes. A true petite size range includes all the numbered sizes you would find in missy sizes, but are cut to fit those 5'4" and under. So a pair of pants that are 12 Petite, for example, would fit a missy-size-12 person around the waist and hips, but are usually cut two inches shorter.

Some vendors do offer a full and true petite size range, while others only have certain sizes that come cut in petite lengths. Be sure not to confuse sizes marked with a "P" for sizes that are actually "extra small" and not petite length, as some manufacturers interchange the two when sizing their items.

If you are not sure, and are not able to try on your selection, it's probably best to

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