Shopping for maternity clothing can be daunting, because you need to to choose an entirely new wardrobe to fit your rapidly-changing body -- while at the same time, letting you stay just as stylish as ever. How can you get clothes that will really fit right, both now and even next time around? We went right to the experts for smart buying tips.
Teresa Gallagher and Maria Mueller

The question: Do you have any advice for making the maternity clothes that I buy last my whole nine months -- and maybe even through my next pregnancy?

The experts answer: Purchasing quality maternity clothes is your best bet for making your wardrobe last as long as possible. High quality manufacturers use high quality material, that is tested and re-tested for wear ability and wash ability.

This, together with high quality construction will prevent you from watching your favorite pair of pants unravel before your eyes!

Well-made garments will be able to withstand the additional washing/drying of the clothes you wear over and over again, and will be well worth the extra


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