Shopping for maternity clothing can be daunting, because you need to to choose an entirely new wardrobe to fit your rapidly-changing body -- while at the same time, letting you stay just as stylish as ever. How can you get clothes to start your new wardrobe off right? We asked two pregnancy fashion experts.
Teresa Gallagher and Maria Mueller

The question: It's frustrating to think I have to buy a whole new wardrobe that I will only be able to wear for a few months. Any advice?

The experts answer: You might actually be able to wear your new clothing for longer than you think! Fortunately, some maternity clothes are inherently versatile -- and some are actually designed to take you beyond your pregnancy.

For example, the drawstring waist is becoming increasingly popular in maternity wear because of its limitless potential. It can be worn in the very early stages of pregnancy, when your non-maternity pieces are just getting uncomfortable, but before other maternity pieces may fit properly. Then it will expand with you throughout your nine months, and then will be still there for you after your pregnancy, before you are able to completely regain your pre-pregnancy shape.

Other styles are specifically designed for extended wear, and include pants/skirts with no maternity panel to sag after you no longer fill it out completely. Instead, the fabric, by its nature, is extremely resilient -- It will stretch to fit you in your ninth month, and restrict to fit you for the following three months. It allows for a zip fly front and top button closures, features that you were able to enjoy before your pregnancy, and now will be able to continue to wear.


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