Shopping for maternity clothing can be daunting, because you need to to choose an entirely new wardrobe to fit your rapidly-changing body -- while at the same time, letting you stay just as stylish as ever. How can you get clothes to start your new wardrobe off right? We asked two pregnancy fashion experts.
Teresa Gallagher and Maria Mueller

The question: What are the first maternity clothes I should be buying?

The experts answer: Quality basics! The most important pieces that you will have throughout your pregnancy are quality basics that can be worn together or with other items you purchase throughout your nine months. A good pair of black pants, a short or long black skirt, and a pair of twill or denim pants can take you a long way. The importance is on the quality.

As in your non-maternity wardrobe, you will have your "favorites" that you'll wear over and over again, and you will want them to last through your whole pregnancy -- much less through one washing -- without falling apart!

A few coordinating tops picked up along the way will go far in giving you a fresh new look, and a much needed psychological boost just when you need it


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