Wow! It is just amazing how quickly the time is flying. I still think back to October when we learned about this pregnancy, and am amazed that I am really pregnant. The whole first trimester seemed like it passed in a daze.
Jen V.

But now the strong, definite kicks of the baby make it more real every day. The movements have become more pronounced, and there is nothing like watching my stomach move!

And there is no doubt from people anymore-they look at me and know I am pregnant! It's funny how people feel more open to talk to you, or give you a knowing smile. Maybe it's my imagination. Maybe they're looking at me because I have a permanent flush to my cheeks and walk like a duck. I don't know for sure.

The last few doctor visits we have done the non-stress tests on the baby, and he appears to be having no problems. His heart rate is consistent and he moves around just fine. I want to tell the doctor that we should do this test at 9:00 at night, because that's when all the baby action kicks into high gear. I swear that my child is going to be born with an addiction to American Idol. He jumps and kicks like crazy every time we watch that show. He either loves it or hates it!

The next few weekends will be our baby showers, and I'm really excited. Now that we have the baby furniture assembled, and the border up in the nursery, I'm anxious to fill the drawers and closets with the essentials. If the baby were born early, we'd be in big trouble, because we don't have anything except a few diaper samples and lotions!

It has been awhile since we had any ultrasounds done, and I am itching to see how the baby has grown and changed. My doctor said we'd probably have one or two more. I wonder every day what he looks like, and I'm really getting the strong urge to see him and hold him! I love to just go into the nursery and think about him being there. We can't wait!


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