This week's doctor visit brought some surprising news. Due to my high blood pressure, this little one may be coming to meet us far before his June 11th due date.
Jen V.

Since blood pressure naturally tends to rise during the last few weeks of pregnancy, my doctor will be watching me closely, and deciding if a C-Section will be necessary (but seems very likely) in mid to late May. Suddenly the thought of 6 more weeks, rather than 10 has made a huge difference in my mind. Six weeks is a whole lot scarier than 10 weeks. An entire month sooner!

I am both relieved and disappointed about the C-Section idea. Everyone has told me how much more difficult the C-Section recovery is because it is major surgery. Luckily, I can plan for help from my husband and both our moms, who are more than willing to do whatever they can.

However, knowing when and what to expect does ease my mind a little. I was actually thinking that I could handle this whole labor thing very well after Lamaze classes. But, having the baby in May does give us the entire summer with him! (Not to mention that I won't have to go through the June heat.) Winter and spring has already been enough warmth for me.

On that pathetic note, I overheated at the shopping mall this week while I tried on clothes at Motherhood Maternity. Those malls are so unbelievably warm as it is, and the weather got up to about 65 degrees, a warm streak for March in Chicago land. I was bummed that I had to leave too, because I liked the clothes I had chosen, but I was sweating so profusely that I had to put everything back and immediately leave the store.

I will now be having weekly non-stress tests to check the baby's heart rate and make sure he is moving around enough to indicate that he is healthy. The doctor's orders were No salt, little activity, and lots of rest. That kind of foiled my plans for a fun spring break, complete with visits to Chicago and lots of shopping. Not that I would have the energy for any of that. But, I am sneaking out to Indiana to visit my sister, nieces, and nephew anyway. I figure I'll get plenty of rest on the car trip!

I was also warned this week about the Solar Eclipse, which took place on Thursday. My mom-in-law called to tell me not to look directly at the sun because it's bad luck for pregnant women. She suggested I wear a safety pin on my shirt near my belly. I wasn't real familiar with that superstition, but after reading up on it, I found out that if a pregnant woman looks at the Eclipse her baby could be born blind. This was a new one to me. Luckily, I think the Eclipse was only visible in Europe and Africa!


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