The initial thrill of baby movements left me in awe and wonder. Now I keep waiting for what experienced mothers keep telling me about, flipping and hiccups. Neither one of which I've felt yet.
Jen V.

In fact, this week I began getting slightly paranoid that the baby isn't moving around enough. Most likely this is caused by the fact that I've been busier and haven't had much time to sit still and enjoy the movements. I find myself wondering if everything is okay when I don't feel him enough. I'm tempted to poke and prod to see what he'll do, but I don't want to traumatize the poor child!

I am amazed at how high I am carrying this baby. I never truly paid attention in the past when women talked about "carrying high" or "carrying low." Yeah, now I see. My stomach looks very strange to me, but is it normal to still have a slight indent where my waist used to be when the rest of my tummy has caught up with my abdomen? At least a smooth rounded belly would be nice, but no, I have a lumpy belly! Whenever my husband tries to take side shots of my stomach, they turn out?well, strange. I hope this weirdness passes.

My saving grace has definitely been my treadmill. I slacked for a few weeks in January, and dragged myself back on again lately. I've been taking a good book with me, and walking for at least 30 minutes several times a week.

So far I can't complain about backaches, swelling, or general discomfort (which I was beginning to feel when I wasn't exercising). I'm convinced that it is making all the difference, especially with my moods! If I can only keep it up.


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