Yeah Spring Break! Woo-hoo! I love not having to go to work. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would leave my classroom, take my personal belongings, and say adios, suckers! But alas, I don't play the lottery so I suppose this week long stint will be my only break until Scarlett arrives. *sigh*

I spent much of the week doing things that I wanted to do. Because of the baby showers and the enormous amount of stuff that we got, I washed clothes, onsies, sleepers, towels, washcloths, and little things that she will wear when she first gets here. I know that some people don't think you need to wash them, but I did just to be safe. With my luck, she'll have horrible allergies and be allergic to anything unwashed.

I put away many of the things that we got -- which was a task! Her little bedroom is pretty small and space goes quickly. My Aunt Sally gave us her changing table to use and I bought bright colored tin buckets to use for storage on the shelves below the table part. I was also able to find covers for the changing pad. Someone had returned some that they bought online at Target. They are perfect! Bright pastel yellow terry cloth ones, very soft and comfy. Washed those, too!

Steve and I continue on buying diapers early so when she arrives we are set. I read in a book recently that they go through 600 diapers in the first month of life! HOLY COW! I hope that she doesn't poop that much! Steve will sure be tired of changing poopy diapers. I keep telling him that's his job, but I don't think it's flying too far! Especially after cleaning the litter box exclusively for the past 8 1/2 months. We are taping the receipts to the front of the package so we can go back and return them and get different sizes if needed. Clipping coupons has become essential.

Her movements have slowed down quite a bit now. She is getting cramped in there I suppose which is the culprit. Of course, I say that and she is just boppin' away in there. Figures! She still gets hiccups too, but I haven't noticed them quite as much as I had been. Maybe they go through fazes with them.

Thankfully it wasn't an exciting week. I cleaned up, put away, napped, and enjoyed my time alone. It was nice. I love not working!


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