We had the ultrasound done again -- TWICE! Yup. Twice. I'm a dumb head, that's why. I thought all along my appointment was on MONDAY. So, I leave work 1 minute early, go to the office, meet Steve, sign in, tell them that Christine is going to try to do the ultrasound because she was uncooperative the last time, and have a seat.

A minute later, the lady calls me to the desk and says, "Mrs. Garner, are you just here for the ultrasound today?" I told her no, that I had an appointment as well. She said, "Well, we have you down for 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. Dr. Baker isn't even here today!" UGHHHHH! I cannot believe my dumb head. They were VERY nice and said that since I was there Christine would try the ultrasound again anyway.

To make a long story short -- she didn't cooperate again. Face down into my back. She said she could try ONE MORE TIME when I came back for my appointment the next day and to drink lots of water and have a coke an hour before I went in. She wanted me to drink water to build up some fluid around her so that we may be able to get good pictures and the coke to try and jolt her into liveliness.

Tuesday comes -- I see Dr. Baker. I go for the ultrasound. She is still not in an optimal position. We are able to get some shots of her face, but they still aren't good. She must not realize we had to pay good money for this ultrasound! After about 8 minutes or so, Scarlett becomes even more irritated and retreats behind my right pelvic bone and tells us that the show is over and go to home. So we do.

While I was in with Dr. Baker, he told me that he will be out for the next several weeks because he is having hip surgery. He isn't sure whether he will not be able to catch babies for four or six weeks. So, to make another long story short, he may not be the one catching Scarlett. At this point, I really don't mind who catches her, just as long as she comes out healthy.

There was also a problem with my blood work. When I had my blood taken for the glucose test (which came back fine), my white cell count was quite elevated -- 17,000. He said that is pretty high and uncommon. I told him I didn't know why, I couldn't think of an infection that I had at all. With a count that high, infection would be the first thing to look for. He wanted to do a blood test called a LAP, or Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase. This is a test that measures the amount of an enzyme called alkaline phosphatase within white blood cells (leukocytes). One of the reasons why it could be up is because I'm pregnant. Apparently, pregnancy can bring on this problem. He said that in all the women he's tested for, it has never been anything other than pregnancy related. He did, however, want to rule out the possibility of something like leukemia. I feel fine, everything else is pretty normal, so I'm just hoping that it's out of whack because I'm pregnant. I am going to call for the results tomorrow and see if they have come back yet.

I have my first baby shower on Thursday at work. I know Stacie has been working hard at it and I haven't wanted to know a thing about it because I wanted it to all be a surprise when the time came. I think that it's best I don't know the behind the scenes planning and such on this one. I know the politics of school can be horrendous and I just want to enjoy it.

Next Saturday is my shower with family and friends that Stacie and Sharon are hosting. Mom has been busy cleaning their house for it. She has to get the house clean besides getting ready for the cruise they are going on. She's got a lot on her plate right now with both of the events. I know mom is going to pull out the china for the shower and we are just going to have mints, cookies, punch, etc, and not a meal since it will be in the middle of the day between lunch and dinner. I think Sharon is going to bring sandwiches as well which will be fabulous. We are so anxious to have "stuff" for her. I still feel so unprepared for when she gets here.

When she does come, Steve is planning on taking off a week of vacation to be home and then both Jerrie and Mom have volunteered to take a couple days off to come and stay and help out. Until the end of the school year, Steve plans on taking off one day a week to be home since it will only be three or four weeks until the end of the year. If Mom and Jerrie would be able to be home with me once a week for two weeks or something, that would be three out of the five days a week I would have help. I do have to admit that I know I will want help, but I don't think I will want someone here all the time If I can just have someone watch her while I take a shower, or NAP, or clean, that would be sooooooo helpful.

Steve and I went to a childbirth class yesterday and we didn't learn anything we didn't know already. It makes me feel better that I feel well informed about what is going to happen. The most helpful thing was the tour of the maternity ward. When she is born, if everything is a go, they let her stay in the room with you for the first hour and then take her to the transitional nursery for two hours and bath her and watch her to make sure that things are good. Then, if they are, they will bring her back to you. They do encourage you to keep the baby in your room as much as possible.

It's crazy to think about having to take off time already for work. She will be here before I know it -- again, it's crazy to think about! At this point, I'm just ready for her to be here. She gets into funny positions and I am getting increasingly more uncomfortable as the weeks roll on. She has her feet under my ribs a lot and I find I am pushing them out of the way so I can sit comfortably or my ribs will have a lot of pressure behind them. Bending also isn't my friend. I just don't pick stuff up off the ground anymore!

Only 1 month, 4 weeks, and 3 days until I am due. 55 more days! PregnancyAndBaby.com


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