Steve and I made the birth announcements this past weekend! We decided to go that route instead of buying them and I'm so pleased with how they turned out. Not baby-ish at all. Imagine that. We'll have to get a good picture of her after she's born. I told Steve that it had to be a naked picture because there is nothing cuter than a naked baby.

I also found two little outfits that I can take her home in. I've been looking for several weeks but just hadn't found anything. I finally settled on a sleeper (pink, of course), that has footies and little fold over mittens on the sleeves and then a short sleeve onsie just in case it is warmer. Depending on when she gets here, it could still be cool. They are just so sweet and soft. I won't have to change her into something else when we get home with her either since they are just "normal" clothes. I got the newborn size ? so tiny! I'm hoping she's less than 8 pounds so she fits into them. And let's face it ? there are certain parts of my body that hope she's less than that, too!

I have a doctors appointment this next week and they will try again for the 3D ultrasound since she decided to turn around at the last ultrasound. I'm really hoping she decides to cooperate this time. That ultrasound was expensive and I want some really good photos from it! I'm just going to be happy to see her again.

I know she's grown quite a bit since the last time I saw Dr. Baker. I can feel her so strongly now. I can distinguish between feet and hands ? mainly because her feet kick so much harder! Her little feet are lodged under my right rib and she will sometimes get to going so much that I push back at her and tell her to stop. Good thing is that she is head down at this point and it's getting tight. Hopefully she won't decide to flip at this point and give me a heart attach about the possibility of her being a breech baby. That's about the last thing I want to deal with!

Once again, the week was uneventful. She has hiccups all the time. She still likes to get up and dance around just about bedtime. I'm starting to feel "done" being pregnant and wanting my old body and my old clothes back. If it weren't so dang hard to bend over and get up, being pregnant wouldn't be that bad!


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