Scarlett gets hiccups three times a day. Yes, three. Every day this week she's gotten them three times which I find hilarious. Of course, when I'm trying to go to sleep it's not so funny, but you know what I mean. There have been several times where her head will bump against my belly and Steve can clearly feel her. They usually only last for five minutes or so and then she's done.

I've noticed that her little feet have been quite active, too! They are right under my ribs on the left hand side and she'll get to kicking away. If I lay on my side to go to sleep sometimes her feet will just kick back and forth or roll back and forth.

Invitations for my baby shower went out this past week and Stacie has had one RSVP so far ? my mom's boss, Lisa Sauer. There are nearly 60 people invited so I would hope that the RSVP's will start rolling in soon! I cannot wait for the shower to come.

I'm finding it more and more uncomfortable to just live. I know that there are 10 weeks left of this pregnancy, but I'm starting to feel work out by it. I'm ready to go back to my normal clothes and hopefully my normal body. I know that I'm going to have to do some work to get back into my clothes, but at this point, that's okay. I just want to wear my normal stuff again. Steve and I went out and tried to find a pair of maternity jeans yesterday and as I went into one dressing room (after being in 7 already), I told him, "Don't be surprised if I come out crying." They do not make maternity jeans to fit me. ANYWHERE. Really. No kidding. It will be such a relief when I can just choose a pair of jeans out of the closet and go with them!

It's also getting harder and harder to dry off after I shower and bend over and pick things up. I've stopped at school and the kids have been really helpful in getting things for me. They know that I can't get down and up as easily so they've picked up the slack there. Since I'm also more clumsy these days, I appreciate that.

We've started to look at daycares. Ouch. She is going to be one expensive little girl when she goes into daycare, I mean, not that she won't be already, you know what I mean. It's going to cost anywhere between $150-200 a WEEK for infant care. I would like something close to home as well. There are a couple that are near here that we need to go and visit. We've got to reserve a spot fairly soon so that when school starts in August we've got a good place to put her for the day. I can already see that it's going to break my heart having to leave her somewhere.

That's all I know for this week. Not having a LOT to say is a good thing


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