So from what I'm reading, the baby can hear things pretty clearly now. She's use to the tone and intonation of my voice and learning the music that I've been listening to. So, I thought it was time for a little experiment. We started with Mozart. Calming, soothing, good for babies, Mozart.

I put headphones on my belly and nothing happened. Next we tried The Ramones. You couldn't get much opposite from those two! She didn't like The Ramones, either. Nothing. So then we decided to try Bruce Springsteen. You would have thought it was a scene out of the movie "Aliens" She was dancing all over the place! So, in the evenings I've been trying to introduce her to new music. We've been listening to Sade recently.

I've talked to a couple of other ladies and they've said that the music they listened to while they were pregnant helped soothe their babies after they were born. It's worth a try, right? I hate to look at Scarlett like a science experiment, but it will be interesting to see what happens when she finally does come.

I am so anxious for her to get here and see what she looks like and what she does.

I've had quite a bit of back pain lately. My lower back and down into my butt have been killing me by the end of the day. If I am on my feet too much I just ache when I try to do anything, especially bending. The problem is, shopping is one of my favorite all-time pastimes and it's hard to do too much of it! She isn't huge right now, I can only imagine when she gets a little bigger and I'm carrying around even more weight.

I find that my balance is off, too. Things like drying off from bathing put me off balance. I have to be careful not to topple -- because it could easily happen. I have a habit of standing on the outsides of my feet and that puts me off balance as well.

One of the coolest things this week is while I was laying on my back on the couch. I can actually see her moving in my belly now. When she is active and practicing her martial arts, you can see my belly jump in places. She's got to be gaining some strength as well because the kicks keep becoming bigger and bigger.

I think that I've had some braxton-hicks contractions recently. Actually, for a while now and just didn't realize what they were. I plan to ask my doc about it when I see him on Tuesday. There are times when my belly just tightens and is uncomfortable as all hell. There have been times when it happened that I have to rest my hands on my knees because it is uncomfortable to stand up! From what I read, it's not uncommon to have them and drinking plenty of water can help keep them at bay. I could be completely wrong, seeing as I've never been pregnant before, but I think that's what I'm experiencing.

I finished the crib bedding yesterday. After sewing all weekend last weekend, I finally pulled it out again last night and finished the bumper. I had to make the fourteen straps with Velcro to attach to the bumper to hold it to the crib. It turned out way cute! And wouldn't you know, right when I was about done, I ran out of purple thread and had to go and get more. That just figures, doesn't it? I have three buttons left to sew onto the curtains and I'll get that done either today or tomorrow and then it'll be completely finished.

Since we made the bedding, there isn't a matching mobile that goes along with the fabric. I've been busy looking at them and there sure at a lot. It would be a heck of a lot easier if I could just get a coordinating one!

We also bought a crib mattress this week. We had a little Christmas money left over and decided that we would purchase the mattress. I don't see the crib mattress as something that would show up at a baby shower, exactly. However, I would have been ecstatic if it had!

Speaking of showers -- I was thinking about that. So many people will buy you clothes and things that aren't necessary instead of things that you really need, like a mattress!! I do have to admit, though, I can see why. What fun is buying a mattress when this pink frilly dress is so much cuter!?


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