It seems that all I think about these days is the baby, and I even dream about him too. The other night I dreamt that we were visiting with my family, but I was not the only pregnant one. The entire family was pregnant!
Jen V.

I cannot get the image out of my head of my father sitting in the recliner rubbing his belly. My dad, my husband, and my brothers-in-law?it was quite bizarre.

That's not as bad as the dream I had early on in my pregnancy, when I was obsessed about eating well so my baby would be healthy. When my baby was born his face and body appeared normal, but when I picked him up, his arms and legs had no fat, like Gumby and drooped off his body, flat as pancakes. Apparently I didn't eat enough fresh fruits and veggies.

Other people dream about the baby too. A co-worker dreamt that I was having a baby girl. My sister dreamt last night that my son was born three months old. He could already hold his head up when he came out! I told her that wasn't funny-I really don't think I could handle 12 months of pregnancy. Isn't 9 months long enough?

The baby's kicks are getting stronger. This week he gave me a really good whack to the gut as I was eating lunch with my In-Laws. The force of it surprised me so much that I jumped and everyone looked at me funny. I guess the baby felt ignored! He's already vying to be the center of attention (I guess he gets that from his dad).

This week I overcame the indecisiveness that has been plaguing every area of my life the past few months, and made not one, but three important decisions; I chose baby furniture, a paint color for the nursery, and baby bedding. I'm tired of thinking about it. Now I just want it done. I've also decided to start thorough spring-cleaning, room-by-room. Since we moved in during the nausea of my first trimester, I feel like nothing got cleaned as well as I would have liked. While I'm at it, I may as well start baby proofing, because there will be little time for that later.


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