Sometimes I forget that I have a little being growing in my belly. When I turn quickly or run up the stairs, I am reminded with a sharp pain or gasping for breath.
Jen V.

This week I'm starting to settle into my new shape a little. My husband gets a chuckle out of watching me awkwardly tie my shoes or bend down to pick up something.

Today at the store I passed a large mirror, and was shocked at the person staring back at me. My belly didn't seem to protrude that far even yesterday. Luckily, my spring jacket has suited me just fine this winter, due to the extreme heat my body seems to be emitting. In the middle of January in Chicago I am wearing short sleeves and a spring jacket. Thank God I didn't spend a hundred dollars on a maternity winter coat! Lucky for me I'm due before the real heat of the summer, or I'm guessing I'd be in big trouble.

After hearing myself repeatedly tell family and coworkers that I'd hit the halfway point of my pregnancy, I knew I could not put off the pregnancy scrapbook a day longer. I marched out to Target and bought a scrapbook this week, and then spent a few hours trying to piece together the first two pages.

I found a sample of someone's pregnancy scrapbook online, and decided to make mine very similar. It's not really cheating-I like to think of it as inspiration! Besides, if someone is going to publish every single page of their own scrapbook online, I'm sure their goal must be to inspire others. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.


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