These past two weeks have passed in a flurry of activity, and I find myself amazingly close to the halfway point in my pregnancy. Since the beginning, I was determined to take weekly belly photos, keep a precise scrapbook, and get a head start on the baby's first year scrapbook.
Jen V.

So far, I have NO belly photos, some scrapbook materials compiled, and a stack of ultrasound pictures lying on my desk. I haven't even bought the actual scrapbook yet. At this point, things are not looking too hopeful.

My husband's company held their holiday party over the weekend. We sat with a couple who is having a caesarian section this coming week. The entire evening was spent comparing notes, discussing names, day cares, nurseries, etc. I also met the wife of another coworker who is due a month before me, and immediately we bonded and began the usual baby talk. I only hope that after the baby is born, we can find other new parents to get together with!

I did have some excitement this week. I definitely felt the first movement. In fact, I think I have been feeling it for a week or so, but now I've decided that it is the baby and not my imagination. It feels like little thumps or flutters. When I woke up the other day, the flutter was evident. This time I knew it wasn't my imagination. I have since felt it a few times a day. It's a very cool feeling.

I visited my doctor and again heard the baby's heartbeat. After every few heartbeats, we kept hearing a rustling sound, which the doctor said was the baby moving. He assured me that was a good sign. I'm being sent for the gestational diabetes test next week (even though it's usually done at 26 weeks) because I mentioned to the doctor that I've been extremely thirsty, not to mention that I've gained 10 pounds since my last visit. I also have to repeat my ultrasound for the third time in a month, because the technicians haven't been able to get good pictures of the heart and umbilical cord. I'm hoping the third time is a charm.


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