Now that we've adjusted to the fact that we are going to have a baby boy, the hunt is on for a nursery theme. Originally, we thought of doing a "wish upon a star" theme, and framing some of our Disney Lithographs that would coordinate.
Jen V.

I found some star stencils that would look great, but I'm really quite artistically challenged when it comes to those things. I would need to recruit help, and that may be a problem.

However, last night I found an adorable bedding set of little monkeys. My husband loves monkeys, and we already have a collection of stuffed animals. I did find a cool idea on the Internet to use rope and dip it in green paint to hang for vines. Then we could hang our monkeys from the vines. That would be fun, but if we later have a girl, I don't know how appropriate that would be.

This week a coworker of mine made an offer that I just couldn't refuse. She asked me if I'd like to borrow her maternity clothes. Apparently, she was a preferred customer at Motherhood Maternity, practically buying out the store. It was like Christmas when she brought me two heaping bags, containing 50 items of clothes! I ended up with a closet full of shirts, a few pants and skirts, and an adorable wrap around dress. I still need to buy a couple more things, but other than that, I think I have a larger maternity wardrobe than my regular wardrobe.

Many people have been asking me if I feel any movement yet. So far I haven't. According to my pregnancy books, I should feel movement anywhere from 17 to 20 weeks, so I figure soon enough. Once the baby starts kicking and jabbing, I'll probably wish he'd stop moving so much. It's funny how that works!


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