I had my third prenatal visit at 16W5D. Let me preface by saying that I have never gained more than 26lb with any pregnancy, and always lost all of it very quickly. I'm the type that is back in my pre-pregnancy clothes 6-10 days post partum. Yes I'm lucky, but hey it's a trade off for just looking fat instead of pregnant the whole darn pregnancy. No baby belly to share, none to lose is my motto.

All I want to do is EAT and eat and eat some more. So far so good though, I've only gained 3lb in the last 4 weeks putting me at a total of 4.8 lb since my first doc visit 9 weeks ago. I had not gained anything with my last baby at this point, but I realize since I started this pregnancy off 15lb lighter, it is only expected I gain some sooner. So I have come to the conclusion that the scale isn't my enemy after all. YET. Give it time J.

The baby is doing well, heartrate was 148 and it kept trying to move away from the Doppler like a little stinker. According to the OB I saw today, the cervical U/S I had done at 16W1D showed baby right on schedule (despite what I saw on the screen of still being 3 days behind) so she is going to ignore the first u/s I had that showed the baby 5 days smaller and the 7/2 due date is going to stick unless the growth U/S I have in 4 weeks shows something different. I also had my Quad screen and a re-check of my thyroid to see what my levels are and if my medication needs adjusted. Now I just wait a few days to see what the results of everything will be. I'm still young enough to not worry too much about chromosomal abnormalities, but I always do the quad screen anyway. I know the high outcome of false negatives but I take the chance because we definitely would want to be alerted and have further testing if they suspect a problem. Termination of the pregnancy is not an option, but being educated on whatever condition our child may have is a must. I don't like going into things unprepared.

I also got my results back from the Thyroid U/S and I do have a nodule as expected, but it is not very big. I have to schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist soon to get a second opinion if any action should be taken as my OB's office really feels this is necessary but trying to find one that takes my insurance is almost impossible. The one my OB's office referred me to doesn't take it and I can only find one in my area who does and they are never in the office despite what the office hours say on their website. UGH

On the fetal movement front, this child has me semi-baffled. I felt a definite "kick" at 14W5D as I was bending over after dinner and two more little thumps that night?the next activity was felt at 15W3 days, then 15W6 days, then 16W1D (tons that day). I've pretty much felt the baby every day since, but not nearly as consistent or definitive as I had the last two. Just sporadic nudges with a few kicks mixed in. With my history of each child being felt sooner and me being thinner to start his time around, I figured it would follow suit and be dancing around by now. I try to keep mind that pregnancy is different and that a lot of women don't even feel anything yet, so be happy I am feeling what I am! I'm just so anxious to be able to lie awake for hours and feel my baby in there...Oh well in due time I guess, in due time! PregnancyAndBaby.com


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