This is my 6th successful pregnancy and I am 5'1", 115lb pre pregnancy. With the fact that I've been pregnant so many times coupled with my small size, I should at least look semi-pregnant by now right? HA. Nope. I am still wearing my regular clothing and I don't look the least bit "knocked up" yet.

Even my midwife, who has cared for thousands of pregnant women, still finds it odd how I stay so small. The main receptionist of my practice always points out to any new staff that has joined since my last pregnancy just what a "freak" that I am too. Medical oddity, yep that is what they call me. It is kind of comical though that all the staff always look over the counter to see if I've grown any each visit. There must not be much excitement in their lives, I am glad that I can be of service in providing them with something to talk about!

Despite my history, every time I get pregnant I say to myself that this is the time I'm going to pop out right away and get really big. I mean how much can my body take before it explodes right? I'm not sure how much chance I really have of that happening though, as even with my last baby being 8lb 6oz, 3 days past his due date, I didn't look pregnant until the last 4 weeks when I finally managed to grow the size of what a normal woman would be at maybe 5 ?- 6 months. I showed up at my dentist office that I had been in just 5 weeks prior and they were dumfounded that I had a baby. With my pregnancies before that there were people that didn't even know that I was pregnant at all who saw me right before I delivered. I've never worn maternity clothes, they fall right off. I simply switch from jeans to pants with elastic. I carry so high that my chest "girth" exceeds my belly up to the end and I just look...well FAT. Nice huh?

It has been explained to me that I have a "tilted" uterus which is why I carry so "inside" and high each time. All I know is that there are definite downsides to carrying an 8lb 6oz baby INSIDE of your body. Breathing normally is a thing of the past pretty early on that is for sure. I have also gotten kicked in places I didn't know that I even had and I'm convinced that I have permanent bruises on some of my vital organs by now.

Then there are those other less physical, yet just as disturbing factors. For example, it is one thing for people to give you the "She must be letting herself go" look when you are 3-4 months pregnant and in the "transition" stage, but when you are 7-8 months and people are still looking at you that way, it gets kind of depressing. No woman on earth wants to be though of as fat at any point in their lives and that is exactly how I look from about 20 weeks on. I think what bothers me most is that I love being pregnant and I want the world to know it! However, unless I wear a neon sign across my forehead that announces it, it's not very obvious. I'm still hoping this time will be different though...I mean there is always a chance that I'll wake up tomorrow and be huge right? If not I'll just have get out my t-shirt that says "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" again! That always works!


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