I had my second "dating" ultrasound at 14W1 day and everything looked fine. The heartbeat was 154 and baby is now measuring only 3-4 days smaller instead of 5. At this gestation they give you 4 days either way so I'm still in line with the expectations.

My last child was 4 days smaller (but caught up by 21 weeks) and they didn't change my dates so I doubt they will now either. I'll will get the official word on 1/20 when I have my next visit.

My "official" due date doesn't really matter much to me though, I know that I will either go early or be induced due to baby's size. My midwife is not letting this baby get past 7 ? lb, my body did not do 8lb 6oz of my last child very easily and despite the fact I really want to avoid an induction, I will NOT be doing 3 days late again if baby is that size.

I didn't leave the U/S empty handed, I got three great photos and I can definitely say this baby has morphed from a Teddy Graham into a Skeletor! Teddy Graham is a much cuter nickname though so I think we'll stick one. It is amazing how much transformation has happened in just 30 days! Aside from growing from 1 inch crown to rump to over 3 inches?there are no more little blobs for arms/legs. You can definitely see bone structures and a lot of definition. To a non-mother, the one skeleton picture I have would actually be creepy, but not to me, it's my baby freaky looking or not!

I also managed to get to my thyroid ultrasound just in time (my sitter was running late) and I am waiting for the report to come in to my OB's office the beginning of next week. When the U/S tech left to show the radiologist the pictures, he left me in the room and I got a good look at the nodule in my neck. Just lovely. I'm not worried though, I know it is very common occurrence in people with hypothyroidism. I'm just curious to see what they are going to do about it. With my past history of difficult pregnancies I already know I am up for a gamut of testing, endless doc visits and so forth with the baby, I'd like to be spared any more time consuming fiascos with the thyroid issue until at least after baby gets here.

I'm still feeling really terrific and not feeling or looking the least bit pregnant. I do find myself crying at the drop of a hat but I'm not a cranky mess (yet) at least. Right now I have no worries other than when on earth I'm going to feel this baby actually move. I am dumbfounded that I still haven't. My history dictates me feeling the baby earlier and earlier each time but as I passed the point I felt my last child (14W1D) I reminded myself that if I expected to feel every baby sooner every time, I'd be feeling movement before a test was even positive if I keep going with this baby making thing lol.

At least I had the U/S on the "anniversary" of the last child's fetal movement so I know baby is in there and fine. Quite honestly I have felt little nudges here and there, just nothing I want to put my money on that was definitely the baby quite yet. Given the fact I barely have down time to concentrate on movement, I probably really have missed a lot more than I think. Any day now though it will be bouncing around, that I know. For now I just sit here poking at my non existent tummy telling my wee one to "Show me a sign". I better be careful what I ask for huh? PregnancyAndBaby.com


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