It's two days before Christmas and I had my second prenatal visit today at 12W5D. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is progressing and that I'm headed into my second trimester already! My uterus is the right size and the baby's heartbeat was 158-160.

Everything looks great with the Teddy Graham and all of my remaining blood work was fine so I'm good to go until my next visit in 4 more weeks. Well with doctor visits anyway.

The nurse practitioner that saw me found a nodule on my thyroid which she said is common with people who have Hypothyroidism. The body often attacks the thyroid if it isn't doing its job, which causing swelling. The other possibility is the mass that is on my thyroid is actually what is causing my condition. Either way they want me to have an ultrasound on my thyroid on January 5th at the hospital. Usually they will just watch it, but sometimes it may need aspirated and in rare cases it could be malignant. I'm really not worried about it at all but it does explain my sore throat I seem to constantly have and difficulty swallowing at times!

I'm also scheduled for another U/S of the baby on January 2nd. The head OB wants to do another "dating" U/S to see if it is necessary to change my due date or not. I am under the impression that if the baby keeps measuring 5 days behind they just may. The U/S will also measure my cervical length. These ultrasounds will be repeated every 2 weeks.

The reason for them is that I had preterm labor and premature dilation with baby 2, 3 and 4 (my 3rd was born prematurely at 34 weeks) so they watch my cervix very carefully for changes.

It's kind of a pain to go every 2 weeks but I love the ultrasounds because, though I have a transvaginal and it is to be only of my cervix, the U/S tech is so nice she always sneaks a peak at the baby. You can't see much after 20 Weeks with the transvaginal because the baby is too big, but I have some great face shots of my last child from these ultrasounds. I have had so many U/S over the course of my pregnancies that my husband and I joke that between my deductible, co-pays and out of pocket expenses, we could have purchased our own machine by now. He's probably right! Where we'd put it though is another story...maybe in our tiny cramped dining room beside everything else we own?

Hurry up honey, finish this house, I am going insane!


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