Christmas is fast approaching and as you can imagine with 6 kids to buy for, it's a bit nuts around here. I'm pretty good about starting my shopping by October (thank God for the internet) so I have just about everything bought, it's the wrapping and baking and stuffing goodie bags for school that will be pushed to the last minute this year.

Whoever thought that 24 hours were enough hours to put in one day never had a big family, that I can guarantee you! If the hecticness of the season isn't enough to make a pregnant woman insane, the fact that our tree must reside in our half gutted/half finished living room and it must go up right before Christmas and come down equally as fast so my husband can get the living room completed sure is.

You see we have a major house remodel project that we are trying to wrap up. Our home was built in 1926 and my husband has gutted it room by room down to the bare studs over the last 5 1/2 years. It has been upgraded 100 percent including electrical, heating, windows, plumbing drywall (replacing the plaster), insulation, real hardwood flooring, new bath and kitchen?you name it has been done. All to sell it. Yep I said sell it. It is not big enough, with only 4 bedrooms and 1 bath we have totally outgrown it and we are ready to buy or build another house. The only problem is my husband has more to do before we can sell it including the rest of the living room, gutting the dining room, putting on a new roof, finishing the fence and minor cosmetic foundation work on the lower part of the house. Our new goal is to be ready to sell fall of 2006. I hope we make it, we need SPACE!

With all these projects, the house is constantly in a state of chaos and though I've gotten used to it, being pregnant has brought out my clean freakish side and I utterly can't stand the mess. my husband literally has to stop me from constantly cleaning areas that just keep getting a mess no matter what I do. Luckily, I'm not normally like this...if I was I would have never survived the last 5 1/2 years living here!

So Christmas will come and our house will be a disaster but I'll try to smile anyway. It is hugely inconvenient to have every piece of downstairs furniture we own in our dining room. The pictures of the kids opening their presents under the tree next to a pile of my husband's tools and a gutted wall will not be my idea of photo album material either...sigh. My only hope is next year when we are settled into a nice big house with all 7 of our kids having a place to sit under the tree (without sitting on each other), putting up with this mess for so long will finally be worth it! It better be!


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