When you're pregnant (especially if you're past any morning sickness), you may feel simply radiant -- especially once you're visibly pregnant. While it's true that not every woman has the "glow of pregnancy," hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones to experience it. What does it feel like? Like you're healthy and proud and all is well in the world.
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That glow comes to you from many different directions. Here are five things that can make you feel fabulous during your pregnancy.

You beat the odds: So many women experience difficulty getting pregnant. Whether that means interventions like IVF, a few months of trying or it "just happened," you should feel fortunate to be finally expecting. Health, timing and luck all play into the conception equation, and you came out a winner. And every day that passes brings you closer to a healthy baby. So take a deep breath and realize how lucky you really are!

Hair: The hair that you normally shed on your non-pregnant days slows way down during pregnancy, so you're left with a lustrous head of locks. Your hair is thicker and healthier than ever, so have some fun with it and experiment with a new hairstyle or two!

Eat and be merry: During pregnancy, you have a reason to eat a little bit more -- and definitely shouldn't be worrying about losing weight or trying to look svelte. Enjoy this break from the diet game, and nourish yourself and your baby. Of course, we're not saying you should eat whatever you want, whenever you want. But don't go hungry, and add a few more healthy calories -- about 300 a day -- to what you'd normally eat during pregnancy.

The VIP treatment: When you're visibly pregnant, the world makes you a star. People will give you their seats, encourage you to sit down -- and in general, they'll pay special attention to making you as comfortable as possible. You will also probably be peppered with questions about the baby on the way. Just remember that they're asking because they're fascinated by the process and/or reliving their parenting experiences. You're a celebrity for a little while, so enjoy it as much as you can!

Only you: Right now, this baby is all yours. You're the only one who can feel his or her every move, and you are also the one keeping your little one growing and healthy. As much of a tremendous responsibility it is, it's also an amazing privilege. Try to sit back and relax every day -- just enjoy feeling your baby inside. He will be out and about before you know it, and then you'll have a whole new set of reasons to feel fabulous! PregnancyAndBaby.com

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