My name is Jen and I'm 29 years old. I recently left my job as a 2nd grade teacher to pursue a career in writing. My husband, Rick, works as a Network Engineer for a company in the travel industry. After five and a half years of marriage, we are expecting our first child on June 11th.
Jen V.

For four years my husband and I struggled with infertility, which led us through a series of doctor visits, blood tests, Basel charting, fertility drugs, a laparoscopy surgery, and two unsuccessful IUI attempts. Six months ago, after being sent from my doctor's office with the name of a fertility specialist, I tossed the number aside and prepared for our dream trip to Europe. My husband stepped down from his high-stress job when we returned. Then we took the plunge and purchased a new home. A week before moving in, we learned the shocking news: We were pregnant!

All my usual PMS symptoms had appeared on time, but my period never started. With the stress of moving, I shrugged it off. After two weeks of sore breasts and no period, I went to the pharmacy, chose a plus/minus pregnancy test (although I could've chosen the easier pregnant/not pregnant one, but didn't want the words glaring at me), and raced home.

That evening, my husband sat waiting while I took the test. I watched the stick the entire time, and the horizontal line appeared immediately. The vertical line was so faint, that we both wondered if we were imagining it.

I took another test the next morning, but by then it wasn't necessary: the nausea had kicked in overnight. I was feeling pretty confident until my husband (who was miserably sick) and I were driving to the doctor's office that afternoon, and he started telling me how nauseous he felt. The doubts crept back into my mind-I wasn't really pregnant, I was just coming down with the flu!

An hour later, it was official: we were going to be parents. The doctor confirmed my due date with an ultrasound, at which time I learned that I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was shocked and a little worried-after all, it had taken 4 years to conceive. My husband could not wait to tell our families, but I was still not so sure about the whole thing. What if the doctor made a mistake, and I really wasn't pregnant?

I pushed aside my worries and proceeded with our plan: we wrapped baby booties and pacifiers to present to our parents. Our families reacted with tears of joy and screams of delight. Their expressions were priceless. We will never forget the day we told them! But, the journey had just


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