I am finally home after a horrible week. It all started on Sunday morning about 2am when I woke up with the most horrible stomach pains I've ever experienced. I was up most of the night and then Sunday during the day I j

I am finally home after a horrible week. It all started on Sunday morning about 2am when I woke up with the most horrible stomach pains I've ever experienced. I was up most of the night and then Sunday during the day I just felt lousy. Sunday evening after dinner the pains returned and I called the doctor on call. I was given a prescription for Vicodin and Phenergan (sp) and told to come into the ER if the pains didn't go away. Well, they did after some drugs and sleep. Monday morning I got up to go to work and got there, went directly to my principal and told her I had to go home. I was so sick again. I spent most of the day doubled up in pain. Monday night the pain was so severe that my husband took me to the ER where they did ultrasounds of my insides and couldn't find anything wrong. So, I was sent home.

Tuesday I had an appt with my new OB since my old one was switching practices. I like the new guy a lot. I got there and was having the same horrible pains and was in tears. He admitted me directly into the labor and delivery wing (it was an illegal bed since he didn't put me in the regular hospital section) and then monitored me. It took them 5 hours to get me any more pain medication which about killed me. All along they had been saying gall bladder but there were no stones, no "sludge" as they call it, thinking of the gall bladder walls, etc. We had put it together that it hurt after I ate which was even more of an indication that it was that.

Okay, so Wednesday. I'm fine all day. I eat lunch, am in the middle of eating dinner and BAM! The pain returns at an alarming rate. I was almost in tears immediately. I got stadol (sp) almost immediately since it was already called in for me and I felt relief until it wore off. I had to get a second round of it about two hours later and then I finally slept through the night.

I'd like to also add that on the ultrasounds the baby was dancing all over the place and the heart rate was always in the 140's-150's. It was so nice to know that the baby was dancing all over the place even though I couldn't feel it.

Then Thursday, yesterday, I of course didn't want to eat breakfast since I knew it would bring on pain. My doc did want me to eat lunch because he said part of the problem was that I wasn't on a regular eating schedule and they couldn't directly link it to my gall bladder yet since I didn't eat all the time. I saw four different doctors who all looked at me and scratched their heads. The test that they need to do is with dye and radiation and of COURSE we DO NOT want to do that at this point. So, it was a long holding pattern. I did get the pain last night after they got the okay to discharge me. Then of course I was in a dilemma as to go home or stay there. I didn't take any pain meds and it started to subside after about two and a half hours.

I did come home because I couldn't see spending another night in the hospital when all they do is scratch their heads. My OB gave me a referral to a high risk OB specialist down in the Medical Center (I live right outside of Houston) and he said that someone down there may have had something like this before and may be able to help me because they just weren't comfortable running more tests, etc. My white cell count was always good - a little high the first night, I never ran a fever, no vomiting, bleeding, etc. Just the horrible pain located in my upper abdomen. They want me to stay on a low fat non-spicy diet. That sucks. But, like my Gram said this morning, it will help my figure. She's got a point...but isn't pregnancy when you're suppose to be able to eat what you crave!? According to the doctor's scale, I haven't gained a pound yet. I'm almost half way through this pregnancy � I would have thought that I would have gained something by now.

I just couldn't imagine staying in the hospital another night. It's a really expensive stay to just sit and watch TV for two days. I want the absolute best for the baby and will do anything to have it healthy. I'm just hoping some of the pain is alleviated here in the coming days and that I am able to resume a normal lifestyle.

When we got home last night and I was lying on my stomach I felt the weirdest little bumping sensations down low where I know the baby is. It was in the same place that we always hear the heartbeat. I'm really wondering if it was the baby. It felt pretty neat.

On a more positive note, I have my big 20 week ultrasound scheduled for December 14th at 4:00. I am hoping beyond hope that they will be able to tell me the sex of the baby because it is absolutely killing me. When they did the ultrasound in the hospital, they were not able to tell.

Yesterday in the mail came the teddy bear that I ordered for baby. When I was little I had a tan teddy bear that played "Teddy Bear's Picnic" and I loved that bear. I don't know where mine is anymore and I was determined to find one, and finally did. It is the sweetest bear, so soft, and plays exactly like mine use to.

So, that's about it for now. I'm just kind of waiting to see what happens. Hopefully nothing eventful will happen to report about. Since I'm at home today and feel good I've been working on cleaning up and doing some laundry. The house is an absolute disaster since I didn't feel well last weekend and haven't felt like cleaning. My Gram said that my Aunt Clara called and wanted the latest update on me so that when she went to her prayer group that they could pray for me. One of the ladies said that it may not work, but it sure can't hurt. PregnancyAndBaby.com


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