I wish I could say that I'm completely pain free, but it isn't the case. After last weekend, I have stuck to a low-fat diet and eaten every two hours or so to keep something in my stomach. I have tried different foods to see what would happen. It's not a rhyme or reason why it happens.

I went and saw the pernatologist (I think that's what you call him) ? and he was wonderful. He doesn't think it is gall bladder at all. He thinks it's more likely a stomach ulcer or possibly the baby moving all of my insides that is causing the pain, specifically my intestines. That would seem to make sense since it happens after I eat several hours. It would need to be digesting and in my intestines for that pain to come. He said that he thinks it will fizzle out in time and until then to treat with pain medication. I can do that, but I just don't want it to happen! If the pain continues then they will want to go down with a scope and take a look at my insides to see if anything can be determined. I don't know what kind of a time frame they are looking at for this, but I will talk to Dr. Baker when I go next Wednesday and see what he thinks. He will get the report from the doc yesterday and have more information.

So anyway, he did a thorough ultrasound, so thorough in fact that he was looking at the different chambers of the heart, the kidneys, the diaphram, the brain, everything. It was incredible what he was able to see on it! Baby is measuring all proportional. He was able to tell me that there is no club foot or cleft palette. I just sat there in awe looking at it. I almost immediately asked him if he could tell the sex of the baby and went right over and got a good between the leg shot and was 100% positive that it was a GIRL! I'm going to get my baby girl!! I'm just thrilled with it. My mom was with me since Steve had to be at work, and she just was over the moon herself.

I stopped at Daddy's office on the way home and showed him. He was grinning like the Cheshire cat. I can just picture him spoiling this little girl. It's going to be ugly. Dad hasn't been around a lot of babies so it'll be interesting to see him with one. He's going to be a great Granddad.

Since Steve wasn't with me, I couldn't tell him over the phone that we were having a girl. When he called me he asked if I had an ultrasound done and I very calmly and disappointedly told him that I didn't, that we would just have to wait until next Wednesday when I have my 20 week ultrasound. Little did he know that I had already stopped at the baby store and picked up a pink bib that said, "My daddy's the Best" and two long-sleve onsies, one that says "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" and the other says "Cute As Can Be." I wrapped them up and put them on the kitchen table and wrote on it "To My Daddy" and waited for him to come home.

It seemed like FOREVER until he got home. It was about killing me. He came in finally about 4:45 and it took him a minute to find the package even though I cleaned off the table and it was the only thing there. He opened it up and looked at the bib, then one of the onesies, then the other, then he paused. He looked at me and said, "You know, don't you," and I told him we were having a girl. We both hugged and cried a little. She will be daddy's princess! Steve is just as excited as I am. It was hard keeping that secret just for the four hours that I knew before he did! I'm glad that next Wednesday he'll be at the ultrasound and will be able to see her.

Speaking of her, she is certainly a little dancer!! I've REALLY begun to feel her move around. She kicks me all the time. Usually in the early evening hours, after lunchtime, and during the night. It's the greatest feeling ever. She just nudges me to tell me she's okay. I know this will sound corny, but it's just like having a little person inside of you elbowing your belly. Duh, I know that's what it is, but that's what it really feels like! It's so cool to think that there is this little girl inside of me getting bigger every day and letting me know that she's still there. IN FACT! She just kicked me!

So, my big ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday, Steve will be to see baby girl, and I'll get to see her again, too! She is beautiful.PregnancyAndBaby.com


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