It has been a week filled with babies. I found out my friend Sarah is having a girl, and that my friend Jazz is pregnant. That makes four of my girlfriends who are expecting - five of us in all.
Jennifer D.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly for everyone and all of our little ones will enjoy meeting each other. Also found out my friend Stacey is getting induced next week. I am so excited for her and I can't wait to hear how everything goes. She must be so nervous. I am not nervous about labor yet. I know it will be physically and emotionally challenging. I think I am more excited about it than anything. It will be the most incredible experience of my life!

I am especially excited that my friend is having a girl. We have shared so much of our pregnancies already - it will be so great to have little girl stuff in common. It is a lifesaver having someone like Sarah to talk to at work. Needless to say our conversation usually revolves around one thing.

Finally got back to the gym this week. Walked thirty minutes on the track on Wednesday and I was so tired! I felt so unfit. I vowed that I would walk everyday while I still can so that I want to get back into the habit after the baby's born. I would really like to feel comfortable in a bathing suit when we go to the beach next summer. I won't feel too bad if I'm not ready for a two-piece. It's nine months up and nine months down, after all.

I walked three miles today, I was so proud of myself! It was part of an activity at work. Everyone went down to the river for a walk before our Thanksgiving luncheon. It was a beautiful day so it was nice to be out of the office. The hardest part was climbing stairs afterwards to get back to the parking lot. I was so breathless! It's amazing how much my body has changed...

Looking forward to another baby shower tomorrow. I am so blessed to have people that want to throw them for me, and that want to come to them. Rich and I definitely couldn't welcome our little one into the world as well as we plan to without the help of our friends and family.

I can't believe as of next week I am 30 weeks along! We're almost done.


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