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I'm wondering if I'm experiencing back labor. I've been feeling a really severe lower back ache for several hours. Of course I'm having contractions as usual. I can't think of anything I've done to strain my back or pull a muscle since I'm on "bed rest" and have been sitting in a chair most of the day. This afternoon, it hurt so bad that I took one of my Vicodin I have for my gallbladder attacks -- and even that didn't take away the pain. Anyone want to offer some insight? - Chrissy

What moms-to-be had to say:
It felt like someone was trying to pull my back apart with a pair of pliers in different directions with pain shooting vertically and diaganally. My tailbone area really hurt after delivery, and I had to take extra meds for it. Having your husband find the pressure points in your back to push on during a contraction would probably be very beneficial for you. It can counteract the pressure. - Shannon

I had COMPLETE back labor with my daughter -- she came out face-up. There was absolutely no pain in my abdomen whatsoever, or at least so little that it went unnoticed. It was an oval-shaped area of pain that went from my tailbone to almost midway up my back, and then almost around to my sides. It literally felt like my back was going to pull apart vertically, and lying on my sides made it much worse. I was most comfortable laboring flat on my back, where the bed was pressing on it and there was even pressure on it. My very early labor could be felt in my abdomen, but once they started getting painful, it went straight to my back and stayed there. One thing about back labor is that epis aren't as beneficial, and although I had two put in, they came too late and made the wrong areas numb. I am really hoping to not have this again, but I lived through it once and can do it another time if I have to! - Melanie

I had both at the same time, so I don't know what just back labor is. However, as the contractions were going in the front, it felt like a knife was going into my back. No matter what position I was in, none of them relieved the pain. The pain did go away at the end of the contraction. - Katrina

Mine shot from my pelvic area upwards through my back. It's not a real backache feeling, it's a lot more irritating and kind of radiating. Changing positions didn't give me any relief. This stage of pregnancy I also have a backache that just won't go away... but if you're really worried, call the doc. - Maggie

All of my labors started in my back! It was a pain that radiated from my back through my sides to my stomach. Feels kind of like when you are about to start your period, but a little more intense. With my last daughter, I was having irregular contractions but had a steady back ache. I happened to call the after hours number and get one of the older doctors who instructed me to get to the hospital! Good thing we did too -- our daughter was born less than three hours later! - Patty

I had back labor and it was terrible. I never felt any pain in the front, only right in my tailbone. Each contraction felt like I was being beaten with a hammer right up the butt. And after I gave birth I could hardly walk for two days because my tailbone hurt so bad! - Laura

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