The baby's nursery has taken a back seat to a new crop of home repairs we now have to take care of. I came home a few weeks ago to find that our kitchen had flooded - a pipe under the dishwasher had burst and sent water gushing into the kitchen and adjoining carpeted room. This sort of thing is the last thing we need right now.
Jennifer D.

Just when it feels like you are getting caught up on home improvements, something like this happens. Well, actually, you get pregnant and realize you will have to put all other projects on hold while you put together a nursery. But for something like this to happen as well makes my head spin.

The list of damages includes ruined countertops and undercabinetry, a dishwasher we will never use again (it is the roll away kind and the likely cause of the leak), some warped flooring under the kitchen linoleum, warped hardwood floors in the middle bedroom and ruined carpet in the same room. Plus we will have to get a pressure regulator installed once we decide on new appliances and a sink. (The new appliances we'll get are something we've been planning on doing for awhile - this is just giving us the nudge to do it.)

So, I have been dealing with our insurance company, people giving us advice on whether to file a claim or not, insurance adjustors and contractors over the past week in an attempt to get this all sorted in the quickest way possible.

Rich and I are hoping that the insurance company will cut us a nice sized check that we can then put towards putting ceramic tile in the kitchen (instead of the nasty linoleum that has been in there for ages), and new carpet in the middle room (which will also prompt us to paint that middle room before the new carpet goes in). If we have anything left over we'll put it towards new countertops and appliances. So, we realize we will be out of pocket a bit on this, but the end result will be so worth it, and great for the resale value.

Things like this happen to us every so often - it's usually more auto related. And sometimes they actually work in our favor, so I'm hoping that's what happens in this situation. I'm also hoping that we can get everything installed before the baby comes. It would be nice to have a fridge that actually holds a two liter bottle of soda standing up, not to mention a dozen baby bottles!


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