Good news! I still haven't gained any weight! I have been worried that I would gain weight immediately in pregnancy since my body LOVES to accumulate more and more fat cells, but luckily when I went this week and saw the doc, the scale was actually down one pound.

I asked if I should be concerned and she said no, that it was fine. I'm sure that because I'm not a petite delicate flower to being with, not gaining anything is okay at this point. I did read that this week is the week that I should start adding my 300 calories a day to nourish baby. That would be a whole lot easier if I still didn't have so many food aversions!

Steve and I were in Wal-Mart today and all of a sudden the sight of food samples, some guy and his funky body odor, and the smell of fried chicken from the deli just got me. I looked at Steve and said, "I'm not doing so well. We have to go." Being the wonderful husband he is, he immediately got us out of there and into the fresh air of the outdoors where I promptly gagged until we got to the car. I wish I could do something to keep from feeling like this. I know some women have problems for a long time in pregnancy, I may be one of them.

We've also decided that we are going to get a corner crib. My aunt loaned us hers which turned out to be broken, unfortunately, and will cost us $100 to fix. I can get a new one for that price, so I'm going to! The crib that I found on the web today fits into the corner of the room and is the shape of a piece of pie. Of course, you have to buy specialty sheets and mattresses and bedding...nothing I do would be easy! I'm going to make the bedding and the bumper pads for it to save a little. The bedding online for it is nearly $400 which is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS! Besides, I think the bedding that is available is ugly. We'll get the plans for the crib within the week and Steve is going to build it. This way we can also stain it the same color as the dresser. I think since the room is so small it will work out great. Now, there is still a chance that we will have to get a regular crib, because the best laid plans of mice and men and all that jazz??if that doesn't turn out well, there is actually one at Wal-Mart that I really like and can register for.

I'm finally going to break down at work and start wearing maternity shirts. I've just been so uncomfortable in regular clothes that I can't stand it anymore. I can't suck in my stomach to make me look not pregnant at this point and it's painful to do it, so I'm going to bite the bullet. I figure that the beginning of 15 weeks is acceptable for maternity clothes. And if people think that it's crazy now, well, that's just too bad. Their bodies aren't expanding like balloons. I've been putting off telling my kids and I can't imagine anyone will say anything yet, we'll just have to see how bold they are tomorrow. They may just surprise me.

My next appointment is November 17th to make sure that everything is okay. She told me that she wants to see me through my 20th or 22ndweek to check my cervix for problems. I was surprised that she wanted to see me for that length of time, I figured that maybe this last time would be the final one, but not so!

Have I mentioned how much sneezing hurts? It seizes up my belly and makes it all crampy. I'm still having serious nasal problems, drippage, stoppage, etc, and I'm sneezing because of it. I hate to take too much cold medicine, and I'm taking it only if I'm absolutely dying to help with congestion. My doc said that about anything over the counter would be okay as long as it didn't have alcohol in it. I'm still leery about it, though. The biggest problem is getting a good night's sleep. Afrin is a lifesaver, but then again, I don't want to take that too much either! If I'm still having problems when I go back on the 17th, I don't know what I'm going to do! She'll have to help me out somehow! She suggested that I take an antibiotic, but I didn't want to do that either. I may just have to.

Only a couple more weeks until we can find out if it's a boy or a girl!


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