I am hoping and praying that someday I will be able to eat like a normal person again. This baby makes almost all food in the world disgusting! I'm a LOVER of sweets -- cookies, candies, ice cream, brownies, pastries -- you name it, I love it. Funny thing is -- baby doesn't want it at all.

In fact, baby doesn't care for it one little bit! I want sour or bitter. I've found that the lemonade you make from concentrate rocks. It is sweet and sour at the same time and is just delicious! I wonder what you're suppose to crave with the sex of the baby -- or if it even matters! I should look it up.

My dad came home from New York today and brought me the CUTEST Kate Spade (fake, of course) diaper bag. Simply adorable! I love it! It's a pink, white, blue horizontal stripe. I had thought about asking him to look for one while he was there, but I didn't think they had them -- I should have known better! He also brought my mom a black one -- and the thing is -- she'll probably use it with as much time as she will spend with baby. Dad also brought home a teddy bear from F.A.O. Schwartz -- it's wearing a cute little red sweater -- so soft! I'm in love with it! And also -- two onsies -- one that says I love NY and one that says Little Italy on it. I called him last weekend to ask him to pick some up and he already had them. What a guy. =)

This past week Steve and I decided that we aren't going to tell anyone the name of the baby until it's born. My coworkers and I were talking about baby names at lunch the other day and every name that was brought up someone said something negative about it, like, "Oh, you shouldn't name your kid Andrew, that reminds me of this really fat kid in my second grade class who barfed all the time." I don't want to hear anything negative about the names that we pick out! Especially if the are family names because then it would really piss me off and I wouldn't be able to hold back on them. Steve and I discussed names a while back with people, and I have second-guessed, but I don't want any flack for what we choose. I see it as no one else's opinion. It isn't their child.

Today Steve took down the twin bed in the guest bedroom and moved all the baby stuff in there. We have gotten a full size swing, a travel swing, a walker, a bike seat, and a car seat (all at a garage sale for $95 -- in FABULOUS condition!) and it has been sitting in our dining room since then. My aunt is giving us her crib and bringing it next weekend which I think will make this whole thing seem a little real finally. So far, we just have a small collection of things, but nothing close to a nursery, of course. Having a crib will definitely be different. I'm anxious to find out the sex of the baby so I can plan the baby room and start getting cute things!

My memory hasn't improved. I still can't remember a thing. I think the baby is sucking all the brainpower right out of me little by little every day.

This week I can feel that my uterus isn't sitting inside my pelvic bones anymore. It's poking out somewhat. I don't look pregnant, I just look fat. I had Steve feel where it was poking out and he got a kick out of it, hell, I did too! When I start to look pregnant it will help my 3rd period class understand why I'm eating every day in class. I figure by Christmas I'll finally look pregnant -- and when we go back to school in January the kids will be asking me.

My doctors appointment last Monday went very well. She wanted to check my cervix to make sure that it wasn't shortening or opening any, and it wasn't. I was VERY glad to hear that. I didn't get an ultrasound because it was all going well, and if I don't get one because there are no worries, I'm okay with that. The nurse found the baby's heartbeat after searching and searching for it - that little thing is just hiding out in there! It was at 150 which is right where it should be. The disappointing news is that my OB will be leaving the practice to go into the medical center to be closer to home. I'll have to switch to a new OB in December. I suppose it's not THAT big of a deal, but I really liked her. I'll have to ask questions when I go in next time about the other docs there so I can make a decision. There are some there with quite a few years of experience and others with not as much but whom she says are like her personality wise. As long as I get good care and the baby is fine and well it doesn't matter who sticks their hands in all those fun places -- I just want a healthy baby. My next appointment is November 1st. She wants to do them two weeks apart initially just to make sure all is well.

Second trimester -- here I come! PregnancyAndBaby.com


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