I never thought there could be such a thing as too much PINK, but there is! Last Saturday was the much anticipated/dreaded baby shower. I had no idea what to expect from my scatterbrained friends and perfectionist mother, so I went without any preconceived notion as to what the afternoon might hold.

I haven't seen most of my friends in quite awhile, not since I started to show, so I didn't really know what their reaction might be. I had a pretty good idea that I would get the now standard disappointed "but you're so small, you're hardly even showing!" and I did. They all loved rubbing my tummy, or sitting with their hands on my stomach waiting for the baby to move -- probably the only way to convince them that I haven't been faking this whole thing, there really is a baby in there!

Baby 'performed' wonderfully and each of them got a solid thump as evidence. I arrived early to hang out and chat with them and it was kinda of intimidating because they all sit there and stare at me and ask me a million questions about pregnancy and the baby and labor. It's weird that just 6 months ago, I didn't know the answers to these questions either! It's amazing how quickly my life has changed.

As the other guests arrived the noise in the room grew to a small roar. I got to answer many of the same questions again and try to think of 20 different responses to someone telling me 'YOU'RE HARDLY EVEN SHOWING!' One guest actually told me I looked more like I'd been over-eating than like I was pregnant. So kind. And yet, I am so use to it. I never understood why pregnant women were especially sensitive about what people said to them and now I know, it's because you hear it a million times... Everyone has something to say and it always comes out semi-insulting or annoying whether they meant it that way or not. You get a little worn down.

Of course everyone wanted to know our name choices. So far we have always answered "We don't know yet." But after having 6 months to think about our favorite names, I feel really good about the ones we've put into the top spots and I don't care much what other peoples' opinions are about them. In the beginning I held off disclosing the information because I didn't want anyone else's rude comments to affect our decision or suck the fun out of the process. But now, I was ready. Here are the names I announced at the shower:

  1. Millie LaRue
  2. Margot Eloise
  3. Tate LaRue
  4. Annora Renee

I think the consensus fell on Margot Eloise... with someone citing a mean fat aunt named Millie to sway me from my top choice. Truth is we don't plan on deciding until she is born, but we've gotten into the habit of calling her Millie. So we may have a daughter named Margot who we call Millie. Who ever said this whole name thing had to make sense?

So, too much pink. Colin and I haven't purchased even a sock or hat for baby clothes and we didn't dare register for any so naturally that's what everyone bought us for the shower. With the exception of my mother, with whom I had a conversation explaining that I didn't feel the need to dress our little girl in pink all the time, every single inch of clothing was pink. It was unbelievable. I probably have 35 pink outfits not counting socks, hats, onesies, blankets, towels, which were all pink as well. Now I know why it's so hard to find pink strollers or carriers, they're trying to give you a break! They were all very cute, and all very girly, I just felt a bit overwhelmed.

Colin and I had received one present apart from the shower and I let him open it. It turned out to be two flowered pink outfits, complete with ruffles on the little bloomer bottoms. Colin looked at me, a little wide eyed. "I can't believe I'll be dressing a little person in these little girly outfits everyday." I think it hit home for him in the same way it did for me at the baby shower. It really feels REAL now.

We received so many wonderful things, and now I feel ready to start going out and buying some things myself. We still need a mattress for the crib and all the bedding as well as the boring 'practical' stuff that no one wants to give at a baby shower, like breast pads and a bottle warmer and booty ointment. I think I will enjoy getting to buy all those little things myself as I haven't had the inkling to do so yet.

The greatest gift any pregnant lady can hope for is that the Texas State Fair will be in town during her 'hungry' months. This is an especial blessing for a fair food lover such as myself. I'm religious about going each year, even if it is only to eat! My husband and I both took sick days from work and took the fair grounds by storm. Let it be noted that I probably haven't exerted this much energy since I first realized I was pregnant, but put a corny dog at the end of the task and I come through like a champ. We ended up spending 6 hours walking the exhibits, taking in the events and stopping for frequent snack breaks. I think this is the first time I've ever eaten more than Colin. I had pizza and corny dogs and cotton candy and fried s'mores and a smoked turkey leg and so much soda I thought I would spring a leak. I kept thinking of Templeton in 'Charlottes Web' drunkenly singing "Smorgasbord" as he sluggishly wandered through the carnival lights.

The car ride home was one long "Owwwwwww." Colin found it all quite amusing. I was ready to go back by the next afternoon!PregnancyAndBaby.com


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