This week's prenatal appointment went smoothly and quickly. The office where my midwife practices requires patients to meet with one of the OBs at some point during the pregnancy and also require the standard glucose test to rule out gestational diabetes, so I tackled both in one visit.

Colin and I arrived bright and early so I could down the orange sugar syrup and give it the full hour to work its magic before they drew blood. The nurse told me that I might feel the baby jumping around more than usual, because of the high amount of sugar I ingested, but to my surprise I didn't feel one thump for the rest of the morning. I guess little girl has become as sugar crazy as her momma, it doesn't even faze her!

The actual appointment took all of three seconds? "Hi, my name is Dr. M. Chart looks good, any questions?" DH and I looked to each other and then back to him with a shrug. "Okay kids, nice meeting you! Hope everything goes well!" and he was gone. Well, actually he took a second to listen to fetal heart tones, I never actually distinguished the heartbeat, but he seemed satisfied.

In spirit of the sugar filled morning, on my way (okay, it required a *small* detour) into work from the office, I stopped to pick up a few donuts and a cup of hot chocolate which I practically devoured before making it out of the parking lot. I guess you could say the 'cravings' have kicked in. I try not to eat when I'm not hungry, but all I do is sit and think of things that sound good to eat! Yesterday I sent Colin an email at work that listed in bullet points all of the things that I was craving at that moment in order from strongest to least strongest craving? all because I couldn't leave the office to actually find and eat ANY of them. DH finds it both comical and a little reassuring- he's concerned that I'm not gaining enough weight and he likes to know that I am not limiting my consumption. I've heard the crazy hunger/cravings subside a little in T3 and I am hoping that is the truth, otherwise little girl is going to come out turning cartwheels she's so hopped up on sugar : )

Tomorrow is my baby shower (oh my gosh, we have ordered the most amazing, insanely expensive cake and I cannot wait to taste it!). It is a 'Sugar and Spice' Tea Party and as we speak I know my mother is baking up mountains of goodies and treats. My friends are actually 'hosting' the party, with my mom volunteering to help, but guess who has done pretty much all the work? My mom and even myself. My friends are all unattached, pre-pregnancy period, fresh from college and irresponsible in the worst way. When invitations hadn't gone out and we were down to the wire, mom and I spent an evening pulling them together and getting them sent out. I know they mean well, but I wish they just wouldn't offer to do things that they know they aren't going to follow through on. Hopefully everything goes well.

Once we have the shower I know things are really going to start to feel 'real', and time will begin to fly by. My birthday is at the end of this month, Thanksgiving next month, then Christmas, New Year's, our 1 year wedding anniversary, moving, and of course, the due date! It will be a crazy next few months. Also, Colin's mother wants to have a co-ed shower for us (untraditional, I know, but all convention has flown out the window with this pregnancy) and she wants to have it two weeks before the baby's due date. I wouldn't dare mention to her that perhaps that is cutting it a bit close, or that I might not be in the 'party mood' when I am that far along, or that we will most likely be moving during that time- her feelings are hurt so easily and I'm in no condition to deal with a family squabble. I'm just going to let her plan it, not stress about it, and whatever happens, try to enjoy it!


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