I have always been the kind of person who believes in personal space. I'm not a big hugger.
Jennifer D.

I'm not into demonstrative affection, much to my husband's chagrin. (He's so excited to soon have another woman in the house who will hopefully shower him with more affection than I do.) My personal mantra has always been "You stay in your space and I'll stay in mine and we'll both be happy."

Well, I've come to realize as I've gotten more and more pregnant, that personal space no longer exists for me. My burgeoning belly seems to be public property, especially now that I'm at the point where baby is breakdancing and performing other dance moves inside such a confined space.

One of our close friends a few weeks ago asked if he could fee the baby kick. I said to him that at that point, my husband was the only one who could put his hands down my underwear, thank you very much. I guess non-pregnant people don't realize that babies aren't automatically up towards your belly button when they first start swimming around.

It really hasn't been that bad. But I have noticed that coworkers, friends and family have such a strong desire to give my tummy a little pat every now and then. Sometimes even total strangers at the gym!

So, a word to friends of pregnant people - unless a woman places your hand on her belly or has a huge internet advertisement painted on her tummy, don't automatically assume a little pat or any other form of attention is welcome. I consider that a sacred space shared between me, my daughter and my husband.

Perhaps I'll learn to enjoy it in the next few weeks. Perhaps I'll even miss it once she's born. Who knows...PregnancyAndBaby.com


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