Andrew and I turned the calendar over to October on Saturday and looked over the month in anticipation, wondering on which day our daughter will make her debut. I am refusing to even consider the possibility that she will wait until November to arrive, 12 days past her due date of October 20, even though I know that the due date is only that -- a date -- and that the baby can arrive within two weeks on either side of this date and not be considered exceptionally early or late.
Jennifer S.

I am of course still hoping that she will arrive early. A couple of people said the magical words this week that it looks like the baby has dropped; however, one of them has never had a child of her own and therefore doesn't really have any experience in this sort of thing, and I think that the other one just doesn't know what she's talking about, because I haven't noticed any dropping whatsoever (although this baby has always been low). Furthermore, I've read that dropping doesn't even happen with a second child. What I *have* noticed, however, particularly at the end of the day, is increased pelvic pressure, like the baby's head is now pressing down more or -- dare I say it -- perhaps even engaged. But I realize that this may very likely just be wishful thinking on my part, and we'll have to wait until our doctor's appointment next Tuesday to find out what, if any, progress the baby has made toward making her debut.

In the meantime, while she is still residing in my uterus, the baby has developed the nasty habit recently of giving me vicious hand jabs in the bladder. This is something that Spencer didn't do, and I'm wondering if it's because he was facing my spine, whereas this baby is face-up (or at least she was at the last doctor's appointment) and therefore has her hands right down by my bladder. These little pokes are quite painful -- they don't last long, but while they last, they feel exactly like a bad bladder infection, and I fear that I get quite irritated with the baby when she does them (unfair, I know).

My official last day at work was yesterday. While I will still be talking with people from work, periodically checking e-mails, etc., I must admit that I'm quite pleased at the thought of not being at work for the next four months. Specifically, I'm pleased at the thought of not having to deal with work over the next couple of weeks before the baby arrives. I fear that, as the baby and I have gotten bigger, my motivation to do the working mom thing has somehow vanished. I'm therefore quite happy to excuse myself from this role for a while and focus on spending time with my daughter once she arrives, and on the rest of my family before she does. I've been so exhausted the past couple of weeks when I get home from work that I've just let Andrew deal with Spencer while I make something creative like pasta or frozen pizza for dinner. I then say maybe five words during dinner before going to bed as soon as I'm done eating. So I'm hoping that not working will give some energy to be a bit more creative with both our dinnertime fare and conversation!

Spencer and I had a cute exchange one night this week. He came into the kitchen where I was making dinner with a toy that he was playing with, and he looked so much like a little boy sitting on the floor playing that I went over to him, hugged him, and said "Where is my little baby?" And without stopping what he was doing, Spencer answered "In your tummy!" Hopefully she won't be there for too much longer


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