Lisa Stone, an ACE-certified Pre-and Post-Natal Fitness Instructor, has some tips to get you up and moving -- even when you're in the car! Have a question for our pregnancy fitness expert? Send it to us here!
Lisa Stone

Your question:
What are some important things to know about preventing exercise-related injuries during pregnancy?

The expert answers:
First, be aware of your changing center of gravity. As your pregnancy progresses, your growing belly and breasts will shift your center of gravity upward, which can lead to loss of balance and/or tripping. To prevent these types of injuries, slow down your movements and exercise in a well-lighted area and on smooth surfaces.

Second, be aware of the loosening of your joints and connective tissue due to the secretion of the hormone Relaxin. This loosening can cause a false sense of flexibility, so be very careful to avoid over-stretching any muscles. To prevent muscle pulls and tears, take each stretch only to the point of feeling it and avoid any bouncing movements during your

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