Yes, it's going to be a bouncing baby girl. Rich and I went for our 20-week ultrasound earlier this week and found out that she is healthy and female! It was the first time he had seen her, so he was especially excited by the whole experience. We were both surprised that it's a girl ? I had such a strong feeling that it was a boy. I hope that she doesn't harbor some hidden resentment towards me because I've been referring to her as he. The ultrasound tech and the doctor both said they were almost 100 percent sure it was a girl. But, just in case, I am keeping all of the boy clothes we've already been given just in case they're wrong ? I've heard it can happen.
Jennifer W.

We had the ultrasound done at the where we'll be delivering, rather than at the doctor's office, because of a concern about hydrocephalus ? a neural tube defect my brother suffers from. But, all their high-tech machinery told us the baby is doing well and showing no signs so far of the condition.

We have decided to name her Dorothy Elizabeth ? Dorothy after my grandmother, who goes by Mama Dot, and Elizabeth after my mother and sister; it's also my middle name. We can't decide whether we'll nickname her Dottie or Dory. Baby Dot has a nice ring to it, too.

Friends either love the name or they hate it ? some consider it too old fashioned, but I think in this day and age it is unique. Who wants to be another Jordan, Brooke, Madison or Avery? I, as a Jennifer, know the feeling of being one of many in a school classroom. I went to school with at least five other Jennifer's at any given time, and it left me feeling distinctly not unique.

We both took the day off to enjoy spreading the news. It was so fun to call all our friends and family and let them know.

Rich is still taking it all in. He is a bit disappointed that he's not having a boy, mainly because he says he knows nothing about girls, and feels he will be completely out of his depth. Last night he told me there is not one woman he knows that he really understands. I laughed, and told him that's completely normal. At least he will have a part in shaping his little girl's personality, so she won't be too much of a mystery ? at least until she hits puberty!


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