Meet Jennifer, married to her high school sweetheart who is expecting her first child in January.
Jennifer W.

Entering the world of conception and pregnancy was an easy choice for my husband Rich -- 26, and me -- 26 for just a few more weeks. We have been together for almost nine years (we were high school sweethearts), married for almost three, and already have experienced so much that life has to offer in terms of travel, jobs and just having fun. A baby seemed like the next step in the exciting ride we had chosen to get on when we officially said "I do."

The idea to start a family had been brewing for a few months when, on our way back from the beach last summer, I realized I had forgotten my cosmetic case, which of course included my trusty birth control pills. We talked about going back to retrieve it, but then decided, what the heck, we're ready ? let's get off the pill and have a baby! So, the ride home was pretty fun, thinking of names and making plans.

Little did I know that actually conceiving the baby would be a bit stressful in the sense that one night of romance did not necessarily guarantee a little bundle of joy. We tried for 10 long months, during which I tried not to stress out too much. We both figured that it would happen when it was meant to be, and the longer it took, the longer we would have to get used to the idea; not to mention the longer we would have to save up for family member number

3. Plus, it was fun to keep trying!

Unfortunately, finding out I was pregnant did not go as I pictured it ? Rich and I sitting together on the couch anxiously waiting for the egg timer to tell us it was time to look at the pregnancy test. Just like on all those television commercial. No, it was a bit stranger than that.

I woke up one morning around 3 a.m. because of a searing pain in my abdomen ? a sort of intense cramping feeling that I still can't find the right words to describe. It had me on the floor in the fetal position for a good ten minutes. After it passed, I was so scared that something was wrong with me and that this condition was preventing us from conceiving. So, that same day I went to see my gynecologist, who of course had me do a pregnancy test. Lo and behold it was positive! I was so overjoyed and relieved that we could get the job done! He didn't have a firm explanation for the pain, but did assure me that everything looked fine.

Though Rich wasn't with me when I got the result, he was of course thrilled, and now we are both overjoyed that our little one is finally on the way.


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