Well, last week I had my second ultrasound to recheck the baby's heartbeat and to be doubly-sure that I'm not carrying double the babies. We've confirmed that there definitely is just one baby, but most importantly, our one baby now has a strong, solid heartbeat and has grown just as she should have since the last ultrasound three weeks ago.

Our little shrimp is stull measuring four days behind, but given the steady growth, we've been assured that that's nothing to worry about, and she's likely to catch up or even surpass the standard on where she should be.

Since we can now safely rule out twins, I'm half-convinced that this baby just HAS to be a girl. I'm only 8 weeks along, and I'm already amazed at how different this pregnancy in comparison to my pregnancy with Jordan. Translate that to "I can't believe how much I'm throwing up this time than in comparison to Jordan's pregnancy." If I had my choice, all I'd do is puke and sleep, puke and sleep, puke and sleep. I feel like I'm a walking adverstisement that gives credence to the old wives' tale that the sicker a pregnant mother is, that's the more likely she is to have a baby girl.

I would LOVE to have a baby girl. Becky and I were convinced beyond all belief that Jordan was a girl. I've had my "girl" name of Kaelyn Rebecca picked out since I was trying to conceive the last pregnancy. Becky and I referred to the baby as Kaelyn all through the duration of my pregnancy, right up until the morning of my week 20 ultrasound that would reveal "Kaelyn's" true gender. That morning as I was showering and lathering my burgeoning belly, I was suddenly overcome with the powerful sensation that I was carrying a boy. It was honestly the first time through the pregnancy that I felt any huge instinctual pushes one way or the other. From that second, I just knew that my ultrasound would reveal a baby boy. Later that afternoon, sure enough -- we saw our baby in ALL of his unabashed, wide-legged glory. "Kaelyn" became "Jordan," and my oh-so-perfect girl name was put on the backburner for a "possible" future pregnancy.

This baby just "feels" like a girl, if that makes any sense. I pray that little Kirby healthy above all else, but I've also been making "special request" prayers that I'm having a girl. For one, we have the name picked out and we're drawing complete blanks on boy names. Also, having a girl would save us from having to address the loaded circumcision question again. Finally, another girl would balance out the estrogen/testosterone ratio in our house again.

On a side note, a couple of days ago I talked to Sarah for the first time in more than a month. I sent her an email, wanting to be sure that everything was going well with her new surrogate's cycling (Misty). Everything is going on track as scheduled. The transfer is set for next week, coincidentally on St. Patrick's Day! What a lucky day. I hope that it turns out to be a whole lot luckier than our transfer occuring on my anniversary. Our emailing was all of four short exchanges, but I know that she knows how much I do care, and I know how much she needs to focus on the very stressful three weeks ahead. She promised to update me on any major new developments, especially to tell me how the transfer went. Please, God, let this work!

Much love,
Kymmie and Kaelyn (?) PregnancyAndBaby.com


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