To keep your tiptoes in tip-top shape, why not treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure? (The fact that you can't see your feet is not a valid reason for not pampering yourself.) The Foot Nurse, Patti Glick suggests that you keep a few things in mind.
For one, "It's not recommended that pregnant women soak in warm water very long, since that can promote swelling. And, in general, don't allow the clinician to trim the cuticles of the toenails because there is the possibility of introducing an infection."

Cleanliness is also an issue. "Make sure the salon sterilizes the equipment used, or, better yet, invest in your own implements [pedicure tools] and take them along when getting a pedicure or manicure," she says.

Finally, exercise caution when it comes to massage. "Most importantly, if foot swelling is present, blood is pooling in the lower legs, too, and the potential for clots [exists]," says Glick.

Therefore, she advises limiting the foot massage to just the feet and not the legs to prevent dislodging any possible

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