Okay, so most of the nausea and terrible vomiting of T1 is fading away, but I am trading one pain for another. Of course I was warned of all the inconveniences of being pregnant but I really believed that somehow, they just wouldn't apply to me.

Thursday and Friday I had the most terrible pain in my abdomen. I knew it was probably nothing serious, but I couldn't stand up straight and had to walk hobbled over like I was inflicted with lumbago. Work has been crazy busy and the pain made it hard to concentrate.

I had an analyst explaining some specifics on a deal we are about to close and I was looking at him trying to concentrate on what he was saying when all I wanted to do was ask him if he couldn't tell that I was in terrible pain and tell him to take care of it himself. Work piled up at a crazy rate within the first hour I was there and I knew that I just couldn't handle it all. I told my boss that I couldn't work and left, feeling bad for leaving it all behind, but what could I do? I've only missed 2 hours of work since the beginning of my pregnancy and I think that's pretty good considering how often I have been sick.

I called the midwife as I drove home and she said 'it's just stretching pains'. Just stretching pains! I love how they make everything sound like no big deal. Sure, 95 percent of the time we aren't in any real danger, but by gosh, when something hurts it doesn't help any to hear that it happens to a lot of other people. Like when I told the midwife's nurse that I had been really nauseous and she said "Oh great! We like to hear that!" Meaning that it is perfectly healthy, but come on! Does she really have to put it that way?

So, no sympathy from the midwife, I headed to my back-up sympathy station - mom's house, to spend the day on her couch, she at least feels sorry for me a little bit.

I forget sometimes how pleasant life is outside the confines of my work cubicle. There is a whole world out there, and seeing it during a time when I am normally imprisoned in my cubicle makes me long for it even more. I thought popping out a kid might be my ticket out of the work force, but as I have mentioned previously, it doesn't look like I'm likely to resign. Bummer.

I spent Friday sleeping and woke up around 5:00pm feeling rested and energized. I'd made plans with all of my girlfriends to go to dinner and movie so I got dressed and met them at a local restaurant. They all oo-ed and aah-ed over my newly developed breast as though I had just undergone breast augmentation and exclaimed "That is so not fair!" I told them that it is fair and that I have earned every bit of cleavage I have, and if it made them feel any better, my nipples have grown to the size of saucers. They graciously agreed and we really had a good night just hanging out. It is the first time I've really been OUT since the beginning of the pregnancy and it was such a release. They were all tired after dinner and decided against the movie so we parted ways and I went and saw a chick flick by myself anyway.

Saturday I spent the day trying to find an appropriate outfit to wear to a wedding that very evening. I'm not in maternity clothes quite yet. I had bought a few items from Gap Maternity, from their 'Barely Showing' line, but I have to buy the very smallest size and even those bag up in the booty and around the thighs. I guess they are anticipating the weight gain in the butt, thighs and legs, but I haven't quite gotten to that point yet.

I ended up finding the perfect dress, nicely low cut to show off my newest goodies and pleated above the belly at an empire waste, for plenty of 'bump' room. I had wondered how I would start to feel when my shape started changing and I can honestly say that I'm not suffering any negative effects.

Colin finds all the changes very sexy and reminds me constantly that he is so proud and turned on by the fact that I am carrying our baby. The wedding was so much fun, it was the first resemblance of a date Colin and I had been on in quite awhile and we had a great time visiting and dancing. By the time we left the reception I was beyond worn out and slept soundly until 10:30 the next morning.

Time is starting to go by much faster. My brother and sister-in-law found out this week that they are having a girl, Camryn Elizabeth. Everyone else has told me that they think I am having a girl... Colin and I have no idea what sex the baby will be, I guess neither of us is all that intuitive. We aren't scheduled for the ultrasound for another two and a half months (insurance only allows one) so we have decided that we will probably pay for one on our own, to find out the sex a bit sooner - we just can't wait that long!PregnancyAndBaby.com


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