Here is a sample contract to use in hiring a photographer for your labor and delivery.
Date: _____________

The client(s), ________________ and ________________ give permission to the photographer, ________________, to (take pictures / videotape / take pictures and videotape) the birth of their child. It is understood that the pictures will remain completely private between the clients and the photographer unless permission is granted otherwise.

The photograph is to take (very modest / modest / graphic / very graphic) photos or video. The photographer (is / is not) permitted to take photos of an intimate nature, such as the crowning on of the baby or internal exams.

The photographer is not to edit, delete, alter or in any way tamper with the video or pictures without the express permission of the clients.

It is understood that the photographer will receive $___ for completing the job, unless any part of this contract is violated. If the photographer violates the contract, s/he forfeits the entire payment.

Photographer: _________________________

Clients: _________________________


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