When you and your husband do-the-deed (DTD) and you're on top...how the heck to you get from point A to point B (lying on back with your bottom elevated) without "losing" you husband's "deposit"?
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I think that is the only position we haven't figured out! (Sorry TMI) I mean, short of doing some type of wrestling move to quickly throw me on my back... - Susan

Ha ha! Well, that's a tough one! For us it always gets all over him when the plug comes out, but as I've said before, it seems to me that lying on your belly pools it on the cervix better than on your back. I don't know that for sure, but it sure seems that way. I guess the only suggestion I could make is for you to just stay put after his deposit so he plugs it up longer, and more is likely to go in the right direction. But it is also a fact that most of the sperm is actually pushed directly through the cervix right away, and they know where they're going, so more of what is draining out of you is just semen. Most of the sperm is already inside your uterus and on its long journey to meet the egg! - Jenny

Yeah...I know everyone says that those little guys get where they need to go right away, but me and my robitussen, B6, baby aspirin, etc. etc. etc. just aren't buying it! I always try to stay put for 10-20 minutes after. Just can't with that one... - Susan

As for me and we always do what we need to do and then finish with him on top. *Stuff* still comes out but I guess whatever needed to get in my cervix has already gotten in so the extra *stuff* that comes out is not necessary. If it was, nature would have made a way for it to stay in.

I did buy those Instead Cups to insert after DTD. They are actually for and holding the blood in instead of a tampon or pad but I have read that they work for holding the sperm up next to your cervix.

We tried it the other day my husband actually in the instead cup and I inserted it, then had an O with my *toy* so that the O would help pull the sperm up in there. Who knows....thought it was worth a try. You can leave the instead cup in there for 12 hours, not that you would want to but in case you and then needed to get up immediately it would be OK because the sperm would stay up in there close to the cervix and not leak out. - Tar PregnancyAndBaby.com

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