How many of you have headaches, fatigue and ovulation like pains almost a WHOLE week before you actually ovulate (O)? Since yesterday I've had a really bad headache that comes and goes. I'm not due to ovulate until at least cycle day 12. Is this normal? I was so concerned I took an OPK but of course it wasn't positive. I know that I get REALLY bad ovulation pains the day I get a very positive OPK result. Is this the day of ovulation or the day before? - Tonya
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You know, I never really noticed these things about my cycle until I started paying attention. I start gearing up for O about a week before too, and I usually feel like crud for a week before AF shows, so basically I feel yucky practically the whole month! - Carrie

I start getting those dull "O is coming" pains a few days after AF leaves...quite annoying. They come and go for a week and then really kick in strong. I usually O the day after I get a +OPK but this time, I actually only had one stick left, used it at about 3:00 on Thursday and O'd on Saturday. I could feel O coming on and thought it was worth the gamble to go ahead and use my only little stick. Hopefully, it worked! - Melissa

Um...funny that you asked, but this cycle, I felt something like O-pains (hadn't paid much attention until these last couple cycles) for 3 days or so. What kind of predictor is that??? I thought I was ovulating on CY day 12 or something, only to feel the same way for a couple of days. I have no answer for you because I don't know much about it, but you aren't the only one. - Sherri

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