I was wondering what do you guys recommend for getting the hostess as a thank you. She did an excellent job, the shower was at my house and she & her husband decorated brought all the food and drinks, and even cleaned up. There was nothing for me to do butt open gifts! We were thinking about taking them out to dinner as a thank you, but I was wanting some more suggestions. - Dawn
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I think taking them out to dinner is a wonderful gesture. - Teresa

My mother and mother-in-law co-hosted my shower with Joe, so it was a little different. I sent them a thank you note and gave them each a grandmother frame. - Keri

One of my friends gave all the hostesses (there were about 3) small roses in a pot. I thought that was nice. - Dawn

A thank you note has all I've given, but I like the idea of dinner. That could get pricey though so you might just want to invite them to your house for dinner. - Cheryl

A thank you note is really all that is required, but I always like to give small arrangement of flowers, herbs or something like that. - Christina

Last time, I gave them some gift cards, I think to Sonic (they were fellow teachers). I'll probably do the same this time (still teachers) or a nice potted perinnial is always a agreat gesture that will last "forever". - June

When I had a shower with my first daughter I gave my hostess manicures and pedicures. They loved it. Taking them to dinner also sounds like a great idea. - Connie

It is tradition around here to do hostess gifts...we have always done bath and body, something like that to pamper them after all the work! My shower in two weeks is a library shower, with a Dr. Suess theme and all the guests were asked to bring their favorite children's book. So I am getting each of the hostess a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. - Elisabeth

I agree, the hostess should get some kind of memento. I think the potted flower is a great idea! I usually send flowers, but being that is was just Mother's day, I'm sure most of us already got flowers. Dinner is a great idea, because not only is it a gift for her, but special time for the both of you. I would go with your gut and do dinner! - CapeCod

I'm opting for a Bath and Body gift set. Just a little way for them to pamper themselves after pampering me! - Melody

I had 2 showers with Allie. I got gifts for both hostesses as well as wrote thank you notes. I bought them hurricane vases with big pillar candles. I got one at Pier One and the other at TJ Maxx. TJs and Marshalls have wonderful gift items that aren't expensive. - CarriPregnancyAndBaby.com

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