I've noticed that the contractions I've been having are starting to change. Before, I felt them mostly across the top and middle of my belly. Now I feel them at the bottom of my belly. They haven't really changed in intensity, just where I feel them. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas about whether or not this is a good sign? - Amy
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I have felt a change too - I have Braxton Hicks (BH) really bad. A few weeks ago I felt them at the top of my belly and middle too, and like you I am now feeling them all the way down and into my back. But my have gotten more intense. I can even feel the pain in my woo-woo. (LOL) It sounds funny I know but it hurts incredibly bad Sometimes they are so painful, and I am walking it literally stops me in my tracks, and I'm doubled over in pain. I have never felt something so painful, not even when I had my gallbladder taken out two months ago. I mentioned it to my Dr. and she said she's not concerned that it's normal. - Chrissy

Mine kind of switch on and off...I feel them on or around the belly button then on the bottom then on top again. - Abi

Mine have been in the middle but they are getting farther down and I have pains in the uhh...private area too. But the worst pain I get is in my back right over my right kidney. - Mommy

From what I have "heard" the false labor pains (practice) are the lower ones, and the "real" ones radiate from your back all the way through your belly and go up higher. - Twink PregnancyAndBaby.com

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