After three weeks of waiting, we had our doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon and were *again* thwarted in our efforts to determine the baby's gender. Not only did the baby have its legs closed somewhat, but it was also being modest (or coy) and had its hand over the area in question.

The doctor still maintains that it's a girl, although she says she's not positive. What she did say which I found very interesting is that you can see the lips of the vagina on an ultrasound, so it *is* possible to positively identify a girl. So, again, we now have to wait until our next appointment at the end of July to see if we can see anything more definitive then.

The irony of this doesn't escape me -- after Andrew and I went round and round about should we or shouldn't we find out the baby's gender this time around, it turns out that we have nothing to say about whether or not we actually learn this information. It's completely out of our hands and, in fact, covered up by one of the baby's hands!

If I may speak quite frankly, this behavior on the part of the baby strikes me as being very feminine. It's not entirely showing us what we want to see, but it's showing us enough to keep us interested and so that we *think* that we know what's going on; however, it's not going to give us anything definite until it's good and ready.

On a completely different note, I had a friend ask me earlier this week if I have been having any cravings this pregnancy, and I didn't confess the craving that I have been having and that I gave into again today before the doctor's appointment: McDonald's!! Once the nausea of the first few weeks passed, I found myself craving greasy burgers and fries. I've eaten more McDonald's in the past two months than I've eaten in the past two years! Mind you, that's not saying too much, since in the past two years I have been to McDonald's maybe once, if that. I just normally have no desire for their food -- in fact, if anything, I usually avoid it. However, it's been hitting the spot the past few weeks. I didn't really have any cravings with Spencer at all -- can I attribute this one to this baby wanting protein??

(McDonald's has the added bonus over here in smoke-crazy Switzerland of being a non-smoking restaurant, which makes it even *more* attractive to me ... )

Another difference between this pregnancy and Spencer is the backache side of things -- not a fun difference, I'm afraid. I already have a decent amount of lower back pain by the end of every day, and I'm only five-and-a-half months along! This is another condition that I didn't have with Spencer but, of course, I also didn't have another condition with Spencer, namely a 26-pound two-year-old who frequently wants to be carried. I'm guessing that this is the source of the problem more than the one-pound work-in-progress baby inside my uterus. With Spencer, I ended up needing only one extra pillow in bed by the end of the pregnancy, and that was underneath my belly when I lay on my side. With this one, I already have one extra pillow supporting my back and I know that it's only a matter of weeks before I need the one under my belly.

I'm going to be quite pathetic by the time the last few weeks roll around, aren't I??


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